You Won't Believe How Many Episodes Of The Walking Dead Telltale Has Sold

Telltale Games has done very well, critically and commercially, out of its episodic take on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. We've covered the game enough here that you should be up-to-date on the critical side, but what magic has it rendered on the developer's bottom line?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO Dan Connors revealed that over 8.5 million episodes of the game have been sold, delivering about $US40 million to Telltale's now-burgeoning war chest:

WSJ: Let's talk numbers. How are sales?

DC: To date, it's sold 8.5 million episodes and it’s been in the marketplace for seven months. November and December were our biggest months. It was the culmination of the product, the game of the year awards, the retail push and it still has a ton of head room in it Apple has featured us a bunch of times for each of the episodes and it's in Apple's Hall of Fame (for iPhone and iPad apps).

Conners goes on to say that iOS makes up about 25 per cent of the game's revenue; he feels the episodic format works extremely well on mobile. With the numbers Telltale has seen, I'm not going to argue with that at all. He also mentions that the studio is happy with the formula it has concocted for the series and will likely use it going forward — which includes the next season the The Walking Dead.

The full interview can be found over at the Wall Street Journal and yes, I raised an incredulous eyebrow at that first question too. Zynga, really?)

Behind the Hit iPhone Game "The Walking Dead" [Wall Street Journal]


    So it's sold 1.7 million copies. That's some impressive sales right there.

      Don't you have to buy each episode separately though, except for on Steam?

        Nah, if you buy one copy on PS3 it buys the whole set I believe.

          Looks like you have to buy them separately on Xbox though, like DLC
          Same with the iOS version. You get the episodes by in app purchases.

          You can buy them individually on PS3 or you can buy a "season pass" which gets you all 5 episodes (and an XMB theme) for $US20.

    Now hurry up and do Tales of Monkey Island Series 2!

      I want to see the Ron Gilbert Monkey Island 3 he was pondering instead.

      Last edited 05/01/13 12:59 pm

    I hope those ios sales are mostly iPad. I got the first episode for free on my iPod touch and it's horrible to play.

    Last edited 05/01/13 3:39 pm

    You know, Call of Duty MW 3 sold an absolute sh*t tonne of copies too, but that doesn't mean it was a good game either. And TWD is certainly not.

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