Andy Murray Likes His PlayStation So Much He Put His Name On It

Andy Murray is a pretty big gamer. Some gossip sites actually reported that his girlfriend Kim Sears actually dumped him at one point because he spent too much time on his PS3. That's probably a massive, stupid lie, but it still makes me chuckle. Today on his Facebook page Andy Murray got excited. He has a new PlayStation and he put his name on it. George Foreman had his grill now Andy Murray has his PS3.

"Has just arrive," he wrote, "nice touch..."

Being Scottish, I'm a big fan of Andy Murray, despite the fact he's whinges constantly on the court. Despite the fact he constantly shouts at his coaches. As far as I'm concerned that just makes more Scottish and more interesting to watch and support. When his coach at the time complained that Andy was "obsessed with video games" and played them seven hours a day, I thought it was brilliant.

Not long until you'll have to replace it with a PS4. I wonder if there'll be enough room on the box to fit his name.


    He will yell at the PS4 until it gets big enough for his name to be printed on it

    It's the Scottish way ;)

    When I first clicked on this story I thought it said Bill Murray. I'm pretty disappointed now. :(

      You mean Andy Murray likes HIS name so much he put it on a George Forman grill.. I mean Gs3

    I'm a fan of Murray's, I think he's a great player and is hilarious on the court when he's screaming at himself. Glad he finally won a major last year, hope he wins Wimbledon one day.

    On a somewhat related note, has anybody been able to win a Slam in Top Spin 4's career mode? They really ramp up the difficulty from the semi-final onwards, bloody Federer always beats me...

    What an absolute prat...does he has his signature on the bonnet of his car as well?

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