Bungie's New Destiny Is Coming Soon: What We Know So Far

Bungie lifted the curtain yesterday on its new game, Destiny, a sci-fi "shared-world shooter" that once again pits humanity against a grave extraterrestrial threat. It's coming later this year for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Kotaku's Tina Amini travelled to Seattle to see what the studio had to say about its new Destiny with Activision. The preview event didn't answer every question out there yet, but it did address some, and shed more light on what everyone's been up to after saying goodbye to Halo. Here is Kotaku's coverage of the game from this weekend.

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This documentary, "Pathways Out of Darkness", is the first of a series on Bungie's new game, Destiny, and sets the tone for what you may expect from the game and its story. More »

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    A shorter version of what we know so far about Destiny: Nothing substantial.

    is it coming soon or not coming for ages? 2 conflicting articles in one day

      That's funny. They didn't link to this story about how it wouldn't appear soon:

    The only thing that matters, as far as I'm concerned: No PC version :(

      Until this is announced for PC, it doesn't really exist.

      I think eventually they'd introduce a pc version, if only for the market share they're missing out on ... I still don't know why they're deciding against releasing a pc version alongside the console version considering it's the main choice for MMO type games

        Stockholm syndrome - they were trapped with consoles for so long they grew to love them and think only consoles can care for them.

      I would also add Wii U to that list. PC and Wii U provide potentially the best communication interface as standard. I find it hard to believe were getting this massive persistence world with possibly limited communication options.

    Yeah was there not articles saying not this year? Confus

    It’s coming later this year for PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Really? Or:

    "Bungie's Destiny Won't Be Released In 2013" - Mark Serrels - posted just 2.5 hours ago.


    Last edited 19/02/13 2:17 pm

      Thought the same thing, they've mainly only released concept art right now.

      No way the game on this scale is going to be done by the end of the year.

    I'd also like to bring this up
    This line
    ""During the event, both Activision and Bungie noted they wanted to bring Destiny to as many platforms as they could.""

    There are indeed hints within the announcement video that the game could also come to Wii U with the use of the Nintendo Meme "My Body is Ready" and the appearance of a plush Chain Chomp in the video.

    So while nothing is confirmed yet it seems that Bungie will eventually bring this to the Wii U

      That's good news! I look forward to this game coming to PC and Wii U. Thanks for providing this information. I clearly think those 2 platforms are better suited to this online persistant world they want to create.

    - EB Games are already taking preorders! Who'd a thunk it?
    (But.. the games not fi...-nevermind...)
    I'd be impressed if Bungie allowed the PC access to this... (but not surprised if it remains a console-only effort..)

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