Don’t Object To This Ace Attorney Cosplay

Don’t Object To This Ace Attorney Cosplay

Legal eagle game series Ace Attorney has players use their wits as they collect evidence and go to trial. But the legal sleuth aspect isn’t only why fans love the Ace Attorney games. They love the sense of humour and colourful characters.

The games have captured the imagination of players across the world, and the Ace Attorney fandom brings the characters to life.

Here is a selection of some, but not all, of the best Ace Attorney cosplay around. Have a look as you try to suss out who pulled off the best Ace Attorney character — or while you wait for the next Ace Attorney game!

Ace Attorney 5 will star Phoenix Wright and hits the 3DS sometime this year in Japan.




















[Nonone Karin]









Top picture: SomebodyKuma/ki-ri-ka/Fantastiqueist


  • Aside from Fransizka descending the stairs and the judge about 2 images afterwards bringing down the hammer I am not totally sold. Not that there is anything wrong with the cosplay but I just don’t think that the Asian physique and facial features do Ace Attorney cosplay justice (hurr). Found this in the movie too, seeing Manfred Von Karma portrayed as he was made me die a little inside as he should have this massive overbearing screen presence that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

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