Jonathan Blow's The Witness Will Debut On PlayStation 4

Braid creator Jonathan Blow will debut his next game on the PlayStation 4. The Witness, a Myst-inspired game in which you explore an island and solve its mysteries, has been in development for three and a half years now.

We've been following the interesting indie game for a while now, and it's been impressive during hands-on sessions at shows like PAX.


    This is kind of disappointing - I was looking forward to getting this on PC, which I see as more indie oriented. Nonetheless, it looked pretty impressive.

      No reason why it can't come to the PC too.

        It's already announced for the others, its just a BS exclusivity period, which I assume was bad for. I absolutely hate those.

          Yep indeed. But I was a little bored with the demo shown, it was the same repetitive puzzle over and over again. Im sure there is more to it but they didn't unveil a lot.

          World looks rather nice though.

    God, he's a prat. He came onto stage and immediately bagged everything that came before him. Whoever let him out of his box should be fired.

      Wow, you read quite a lot into the "I really don't know what I'm going to do to follow up from all those explosions".

      To hear him talk, he can be a really insightful fellow... but he still comes across as a bit of a burke.

        Oh I know. I don't mind his work, and he's obviously got smarts. His personality, though....

          Arrogance and genius often go hand in hand. As long as he keeps making games as good as he has, I can forgive it.

    Cool to see Sony making a point of getting some indie launch stuff, though.

    I watched a video of Adam Savage talking about what games he like playing, and figured the witness would be perfect for him. But since playing the witness on release now requires a $900 investment I can't recommend this game to people outside the core audience who would otherwise have had enjoyment of it. Blow... You're a smarter guy than this, you know it, we know it, just make sure you release on PC in quick time. Cause you're game has the potential to reach an audience that are looking for exploration in a game, which hasn't been the core feature of a video game for a very long time.

    Errgh. Vimeo still doesn't work. Guys? Youtube maybe?

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