Oh, It's Just Gabe Newell Wearing A Horse Mask

Gabe Newell, the beloved chief of Valve, has proven many times that he is really kind to fans. So it did not take a long for him to agree to pose for a very special photo this week after giving a talk at the University of Texas. This photo involves one of those notorious horse head masks, and it proves that Gabe Newell, as ever, is a good sport.

For more on what Newell was talking about at the school, see here. Newell will also be delivering two keynotes at next week's DICE conference in Las Vegas. We'll have full coverage on Kotaku.

Gabe Newell having fun with a fan [YouTube]


    Either Gabe doesn't have the digital dexterity to hold up three fingers, or he's trolling. He's a pretty cool guy.

      That was genuinely hilarious, both your comment and Gabe's actions.

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