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We’ve all had the thoughts. “Man that console was awesome, but so was this one! Gah! I can’t decide what’s my favourite is! This is so hard!” Imagine how hard it was for us to decide when we put this up for discussion this week, but by jove, we figured out what “My Favourite Console” was! Some of the answers may surprise you, some not, but oh boy! You gotta listen to find out!

Welcome to the Season Finale of Season 3 of Potaku! This week we discuss “My Favourite Console” with Lamboman and HotdogWithSauce! What will their choices be? Who knows! (I totally do) We also discuss the Playstation 4 and our thoughts on it and what we’re excited or unexcited for! It’s a jam packed episode!

We’re also doing the World’s Greatest Shave, which raises money to help find a cure for leukaemia and make some great changes in some truly deserving people. We’re already 15% of the way to our goal, but would to see you all help out! You can donate here! Can’t donate? You can help spread the word to everyone!

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We’re going to be taking a 3 week break to brainstorm some ideas, try and make the show better than it has been and come back ready to entertain all you sexy people for another season! Also check out our main site for some great content and discussion! Thanks for listening everyone and we’ll see you in a few weeks!


    We're also looking for any suggestions on how we can make the show better and make it easier to stay up to date.

    The most popular suggestion has been reducing the run time from 1:40+ to 1 hour.

      15% of the way to our goal
      *whispers* Think you mean 15% off your goal...

      Going down to one hour would make it far more accessible for me to keep up, so I vote for that!

      Last edited 25/02/13 3:04 pm

      I think you should let that Shiggy guy continue to be amazing.

    Every time I read "Potaku", I always think that Kotaku is moving into the potato farming business.

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