The Magic Of Photoshop Brings The PS4 Controller To Life

The PlayStation 4 is coming. There's an event later this month which will apparently unveil the new game machine. Last month, Kotaku published loads of details about the PlayStation 4, including its controller.

Members of game forum NeoGAF (Noisepurge, Kairu, Mista Koo, and Sickboy007) churned out digital mock-ups of what the PlayStation 4 controller could look like. Ah, the power of Photoshop.

As Kotaku previously posted, it's highly likely that the PS4 will use a controller that is similar to past controller designs. This notion is strengthened by the fact that the PS4 development kit supports both the Sixaxis and the DualShock 3 (both PS3 controllers). What makes the PS4 controller new and different is that it's outfitted with a capacitive touchpad that can support multi-touch and even be "clicked". The PS4 controller also has a "Share" button.

Hit up the comments with your Photoshops of what you think the next PlayStation controller will look like.

PS4 controller: touchpad + share button + dualshock [NeoGAF]


    I think they were on to something with the Boomerang controller.

      I liked the shape of that one, it was just that the build quality looked cheap and 'plasticky'.

    Surely it'd be rear touch, like the vita?

    Oooo, yuck. That design remind me of a certain other controller which I believe has/is being recently redesigned.

      Nah, the title says it Photoshop'd :p. Although even it it didn't say that, you can see the iPhone symbol for forwarding i think it is.

      Last edited 05/02/13 6:21 am

    So is it actually confirmed that this announcement is for the PS4?

      Sort of.. a few people have claimed that their "sources" confirmed it.. like Pachter and WSJ.

    Let's just be thankful that nobody at NeoGAF is, or ever will be, officially designing anything for Sony.

    IF the ps4 doesn't bother to actually make a good controller they don't deserve to still be in the console business. I don't know a single person who even likes the sony controllers compared to everyone loving the 360's.

    So seeing this as suspected mock up annoys me. They need to get with the times, hell even nintendo at least made an effort with their pro controller.

    Plus that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. So i only hope sony hasn't made anything so hideous.

    Last edited 04/02/13 9:42 pm

      77 million users are not complaining. Playstation controllers are fine and I prefer ps3 over xbox 360 anyday

        Are you high? alot of people complain about ps3 controllers being awful. Hell even cliffy B does.

        The only thing wrong with xbox controller is the D pad which unless your in a fighting game gets almost no use.

        People mostly prefer the 360 controller, I've never seen a website do this for a ps3 controller.

          Actually, the D-Pad is fixed on the new models - and feels great!

        Just because somebody owns a PlayStation 3 doesn't mean they like the controller. I enjoy both consoles but when it comes down to which controller is better the xbox wins hand down. The Xbox controller has better analogue sticks, analogue stick positioning, triggers, D pad and size. I don't hate the Playstation controller, its nostalgic. After three generations though it's rather outdated. Hopefully the PS4 does something different but without being as drastic as the banana was.

      "I don't know a single person who even likes the sony controllers"
      I do. The 360 controller has a few things I prefer (I like the triggers better and the analog sticks are more comfortable) but overall I would still take the PS3 controller over 360 if given the choice.

        That's basically all the relevant bits of the controller right there.....

          not really, I still prefer the overall design, the feel/weight of the buttons (and analog sticks) and especially the D-pad.
          I just think the PS3 controller would be better the a different shape of L2/R2 triggers and concave sticks. I still find the movement and placement of the sticks much better on PS3, just not the convex part.

      I definitely prefer the PS3 controller, but it may have something to do with my small carny hands?

    1. They used Apple's "share" icon for the button. Lol.
    2. That kind of placement of a touchpad would be horrifically inconvenient for gaming and I hope this does not become a thing... how could you even use it, anyway?
    3. The way those shoulder buttons are placed looks remarkably uncomfortable... the rounded edges of the controller then a sudden jut up to the shoulder buttons? No thanks.
    4. The grips look like they've been fattened... and we all remember how great fat grips were on the original Xbox.
    tl;dr - your design is bad and you should feel bad.

    Sometimes, I feel like the only person who prefers every aspect of the Dual Shock to the 360 controller. I like the rounded top of the analogue sticks. There, I said it. I feel better now!

      Even R2 and L2 triggers?

      What we need is 2 more buttons on the controller. Were using 1 button to do many things.

        More buttons is just... no. Too many. There's a reason 4 buttons on the face and 2 on each shoulder works - everything is easily and quickly reachable and you can't mistake one button for another. 2 more would ruin that, in any configuration I can think of anyway.

          Underneath... near where your ring fingers rest when you use it?

            If you mean on the grips that would probably be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant to use. Plus I can see you pressing those buttons a lot by mistake. You have to keep a relatively firm grip on the controller, I don't want to have to be thinking about holding the controller tight enough to keep it in my grasp but loose enough that I'm not pressing buttons.

          2 more buttons? *insert picture of Jackie Chan with his hands on his head*

      Same here. I'm with you.

      I honestly don't even have any gripes with the trigger buttons.

    The touchpad has to be on the back, like the vita. Having it on the front won't be tactile enough to be useful.

    Relevance Disclaimer: I didn't bother reading anything in the link, just looked at the pictures. And they're all ugly.

    I can see that they took the Xbox thumb sticks...wishfull thinking there

    this is one ugly controller lol

    Last edited 05/02/13 9:12 am

    Many people do not understand the definition of 'concept.' Please show me your vastly superior concept design. Crayon on a napkin doesn't count.

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