Walter White, Wonder Woman And Jon Snow Walk Into A Bar: Toy Fair 2013, Day 1

Toy Fair descends onto Manhattan's Jacob Javitz Convention this week, bringing with it loads of plastic you don't care about. But Toy Fair also shines a spotlight on the weirdest, coolest collectibles and playthings that you'll be lusting over for the next twelve months. In these images, you'll see statues for Superman: The Man of Steel, along with comic book and video game character figures from Square Enix's Play Arts. There are also highlights from Dark Horse's comics and Game of Thrones merch and McFarlane Toys' Rabbids and Assassin's Creed licenses from Ubisoft. You can see selections from Mezco's showing, too, which include Breaking Bad toys and figures from Axe Cop, the comic that's becoming an Adult Swim cartoon show later this year. Got something you want me to track down at Toy Fair? Ask away in the comments.


    why does wonder woman have that fairly sizable chunk of "side vag"?

      whats the armour she's wearing?

      Ha-ha :) I needed a comment like that to get through the afternoon.

    Are people not outraged at the violence on display by the Michonne figure?

    We need to find out about the 2013 Hot Toys Collection. Especially the ED-209

    Axe Cop! Awesome. Kind of a full circle given that the whole series originated from figurines.

    Holy crap, awesome Axe Cop stuff.

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