While You Were Sleeping

Boy am I tired. Had one of those nights where you can't sleep, and you wake up and you think, 'is it really that time already? Really'. We've all been there. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the place where we run through the news coming in overnight.

We're used to checking out 'MTV Cribs-style' gaming rooms, but this is next level. In fact, this is actually pushing the definition of the word 'room'. Looks absolutely incredible.

I love this post mainly because I love Robocop. For $25,000 you can have your own giant Robocop killing machine.

This cosplay is actually genuinely amazing. Great photography as well. This notorious chinese hacker just got busted after trying to extort a game company and this is one of the nicest Nintendo 64 controllers I've ever seen.

In Short A Gaming Room For Which The Word 'Room' Doesn't Really Do It Justice Notorious Chinese Hacker Caught After Extorting Game Company For $25,000 You Can Have Your Own Giant Robocop Killing Machine An Almost Pergect Week Of Video Game Cosplay I Never Thought I'd See An N64 Controller As Beautiful As This One


    Every morning when my alarm goes off I wish I was dead. But that's just me zombified, clearly not a morning person.

      Urrrggghh... graaaaiiins.

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