Game Of Thrones Set As A '90s High School Comedy

High school can be a cutthroat place, a den of sex, lies, deceit and backstabbing. Relationships are forged for political purposes and torn asunder under dark, mysterious circumstances. Power resides where students believe it resides. Prom Night is coming.

Welcome to School of Thrones, which re-imagines George R.R. Martin's dark fantasy opus as... well, as a 1990s-tinged John Hughes movie, basically. It features a bunch of young, internetty actors — including Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina, Ashly Burch, as Dany — and it really did make me laugh.

We already knew that the Starks were total hipsters, but the Greyjoys as the swim team? Well done.


    Because I have nothing better to do?

    some clever writing, dunno if i could stand watching it for an entire series

    Set in the 90's?
    Main female : Modern Hipster.
    0:21 - Early 00's Wanna be Gangsta.

    And my favorite observation : 0.29 - "Currents Fall 2012". Long term planning I guess?

      I took it as set in the style of a 90s comedy, not actually set in the 90s.

    I opened this purely to view hawt ranga in higher resolutions. Dayummm

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