Here's A Full Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft Match For Your Viewing Pleasure

Blizzard revealed its new World of Warcraft-themed collectible card game at PAX East this morning, wrapping up the announcement with a match played in front of a live ballroom audience. Here is that match, in all its glory.

It's actually a pretty standard CCG from the looks of it, enhanced by Blizzard's signature spit and polish. It certainly looks and sounds better than any other digital card game I've played. Looks aren't everything, of course — there's a balance that has to be achieved that will likely work itself out during beta testing, but it's off to a lovely start.


    Sooooooo, why didnt you just port the ACTUAL wow tcg to a game like magic: the gathering does? makes it much more easier i think

      Would definitely eat into their profits from booster packs etc. Would you continue to buy the physical TCG when you could play online for free?

      Alternatively might be a licensing issue. If they are in some sort of IP agreement that would be a road block.

        Yeah, but then i throw Pokemon trading card game for the Game boy into the mix and essentially that's the same argument right there

    I thought this was really ridiculous at the instant they announced it, however the more they explained it and then showcased it, it grew on me. I am a fan of MTG, Pokemon TCG, etc, and this just captivated me. However, I feel they need to do something about the "field" in game. It looks waaaaay too cluttered and just... Messy...

    I watched the video; it doesn't do much for me. But then, I'm playing Infinity Wars - it's an animated TCG. Beautiful art and smart gameplay. Free to play also.

    Here's the promo vid!

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