Opening Cinematic For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Is Damn Gorgeous

Capcom just released the introductory cinematic to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which comes out on March 19 for Wii U and 3DS. Gorgeous, don't you think?

Too bad the real game doesn't look like this.


    I wasn't going to think about Monster Hunter today. There goes my concentration...

    Hurry up and break street date

    Despite the lack of clear instructions and in-game control lay out, I did enjoy the demo on the Wii U. Will see how the whole game pans out to see if is worth getting but so far it is on the list. :)

    Still love playing Monster Hunter Tri on Wii

    I want this on my PS4 or PC. This is the only game on the WiiU I want, but it still isn't enough to get me to buy one.

      You have a PS4 already?!?!

      (You can always get it on 3DS)

        That's not so surprising...I mean, I've got it on my PS5 ;D
        But seriously MHU looks pretty pretty

    I'm buying a wiiU just for this game! Monster Hunter freak from the time I got it on ps2.

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