Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Let Your Wii U Talk To Your 3DS

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Let Your Wii U Talk To Your 3DS
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When I watched this trailer for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which Capcom is bringing both to Wii U and 3DS this March, I had two main takeaways.

1) Holy crap, this is gorgeous! Monster Hunter has never really become the explosive force here that it is in Japan, but maybe a game that looks this good will build up some steam.

2) You can share saves between Wii U and 3DS! Wait, what? This is the first time we’ve seen some sort of Wii U-3DS connectivity deal, and the fact that a third-party game like Monster Hunter supports it is a very good sign. Very cool stuff.


  • This in English would be the only driver behind me actually getting a WiiU so pretty much not until 2014 if ever. Hell MH3 on 3DS was the only thing going to get me on to a 3DS, still has not happened

    • Well then, your wallet is gonna have a hard time from now on then, as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming to both Wii U AND 3DS march 2013 :P.

      Watch the frikkin video and read the article before posting perhaps?

  • Not really a fan of Monster Hunter, but I love the idea of game save sharing between Wii U and 3DS. I’m hoping if Square Enix releases a TWEWY sequel that it will be Wii U and 3DS and have same game save feature

  • I don’t really get the point of this. Why bother getting MH3DS when MH4 is just around the corner (and actually has online multiplayer)? I’d rather forego MH3HD in the hopes of an MH4HD, rather than retrace all the routes I took on the Wii already.

  • @Piat,

    This is out in 2013 though? (March I believe) I’m not sure if I missed your point but you won’t have to wait long for this.

  • pls answer…. i’m gonna study abroad to melbourne…. does most pepole play nintedo 3ds, in japanese region , or US? for monster hunter

    i’ve been thinking to buy nintendo 3ds japanese region, so i can play monster hunter 4… but i’m affraid if most people in australia play in US region … that means i can’t join the party

    thx b4

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