The Headflat Kickstarter Is Easily The Most Ridiculous I've Seen

Not all gaming-related Kickstarters can be for reinvented classics. And that's not a bad thing. Some are for neat peripherals, controllers and even open-source consoles. Then, you get products like the "Headflat" that, well, seem to have good intentions but in reality, are just too goofy to be compelling.

OK, I'm sure we've all found ourselves in a situation where we've ended up with the dreaded "numb neck" or similar ailment, brought on by playing a mobile phone game without adopting good posture. Until this stuff can be beamed directly into our eyeballs, or jacked into the brain via cybernetic wetware, physical devices will have to do.

So, how does one solve this ergonomic problem? With a hat, of course.

No, you haven't turned two pages at once. The Headflat is that hat, except it comes with an attachment arm that can hold any number of mobile gadgets thanks to an adjustable gripper. Here's how the creators pitch it on the Kickstarter page:

The problem? Your smartphone in your hand. Your fingers on the screen. So many restrictions. Our solution is based on a very simple idea but it has a huge effect! It's the "NOT HAVING YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HAND EFFECT". This little fact brings about a lot of new options!

Uh, sure. The image on the right (click for the full version) shows it in action.

One thing you'll notice on the Kickstarter page is that no one seems to wear the Headflat beyond the confines of a house or apartment. That's because it'd be completely impractical on a bus or train and you'd look beyond ridiculous with it affixed to your head. If I'm going to be uncomfortable using my phone, it's going to be while I'm on public transport and not so much at home, where beds, pillows and other support items are in ample supply.

Does it have a niche? Sure, I can see why you might want one. If you fall into the "desperately need" category, I'm not going to stop you from parting with your money, though I'd be surprised if this Kickstarter reaches its target.

I'm being harsh, I know, but there's something about the Headflat that rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps it's the inclusion of merchandise (T-shirts, really?), or the far too elaborate description page, or the dude crouching on a table controlling an RC car (something I imagine the Headflat would impede by being a giant floating distraction). One of these, all of these, I just can't get excited about this thing.

headflat — the smartphone "Hands-Free-Solution" [Kickstarter]


    I think it's mostly the completely dull and unengaged way they're talking about it, as well as the fact that the "game" demonstrated was obviously not actually being played, the ridiculous puppets, the terrible acting... it's a pretty bad video.

    I don't for *one* minute believe they've been researching this for 3 years lol. Seriously. It doesn't strike me as something *anyone* needs. Also, please tell me how the HELL this needs 100k for a kickstarter???????

    As if he would let his son take one to school, and what kid would like it,.

    Well, considering an off hand remark about "girlfriend mode" blew up into a massive thing, I think we need the Internet machine to start churning out articles about their Couples Pack tier.

    Controller + Headflat for him, "relaxing" head flat for her... Sexist bastards.

    Hernandez, I choose you!

    This is a joke, right?

    As for the kid taking it to school, how could you willingly give other kids something to bully your own child over? That just seems cruel to me.

    I think I'll stick with using my phone the normal way. At least I don't look like a moron.

    ...I wonder how she got the job of "social manager".

      Though, I think she would still be the smartest one out of the bunch :P

        Good looking woman can make men do idiotic things... *I can just imagine this woman orchestrating the whole scenario, getting herself a modelling gig while these inept technicians move onto inventing the latest Happy Meal Toys :P

    Why would anyone want to walk around with a phone attached to their head. The only place you would/could use this would be at home, and if you are at home you would be in front of your HD screen and/or computer monitor. Unless you are a complete moron with a name such as Wayne Ker...

    Also, it's incredibly funny that a group of people were needed to come up with a foam hat, while real tech-heads have been inventing things such as Oculus Rift & Google Glass.

    It makes perfect sense as a product for relieving neck strain. Of course it's for home-use only.

    Why is everyone being so negative?

    Agreed - it's not gonna win any style contest or become a fashion object of some sorts. And you'd get some crazy-ass looks if you dare wearing it in public. Heck, even I wouldn't wear it outside of my home, and I know that the guy who invented it wouldn't do it, either. But then again there are not many possibilities to actually position your smart phone in your line of sight at any time.

    But imagine for a moment, what it can do for you. You can use a controller to play games on your smartphones and forego those touch controls. You can actually control RC-devices with it and use your smart phone as a heads-up display that shows flight data as well as a first-person view of your model in flight via its mounted camera. And it can be an alternative if you want to watch videos but your main screen is occupied. Or read eBooks with it in "teleprompter mode" where you voice-control the scroll speed. Or comfortably video-chat with someone. Or use it for AR applications.

    Just saying - it can be actually useful. :)

    While I think able-bodied people won't have much use for this, I think people with no arms or the disabled will find this very practical. Perhaps the pitch video should've explained the ways something like this could improve the lives of those people who take pains to do ordinary things that the able-bodied do in a heartbeat.

    Last edited 24/03/13 11:07 pm

    Interesting. Though I will agree on the corniness of the video, I think the headflat will be an awesome product, its simply too early to tell because I don't own one. Of course, that is just the opinion of one guy. Just like how this is the opinion of just one editor. I suppose only time will tell if the general public's view matches Logans, or if this is "easily the most ridiculous" post that anyone has wasted time to read.

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