This Is How You Can Pick Up A Copy Of SimCity For $27 Australian

This deal is available on Origin India, but the good news is that, with a couple of tweaks, you can still actually take advantage of Origin India's cheap pricing here in Australia.

Ozbargain has the full details on all the ins and outs here, but the gist of it is this: if you change their region from Australia to India and use a 28 degree Mastercard or another zero currency conversion fee card, you can actually pick up SimCity for $27. And as EA and Maxis are working towards seriously fixing the game's issues, this is as good a time as ever to actually pick the game up.

In addition, if you pick it up now, you can also take advantage of Origin's current deal where it is providing an extra EA game to every gamer who bought EA. I'd almost feel a little guilty about that, seeing as your already picking up SimCity super cheap, after the issues are in the process of being fixed — but what the hell!

Head to Ozbargain for all the details!


    Ok, I've done it. Will see how quickly I get banned!

    "an extra EA game to every gamer who bought SimCity"


    Ha, I was just talking about this. I'll give it a go!

      Worked for me on my normal Visa Debit! Downloading now! :D

    I got my copy for $40 anyway, so I'm happy. Plus it's a great game, when it works =)

    If you buy it for Windows now, will that carry over to the Mac version later on?

      Nope, unfortunately you have to wait.

        I think they mean will we have to buy the mac version too or does the license carry over?
        or at least thats what I mean :)

          yes they do carry over, i have seen this on the ea forum.

      Nope it will not, just like every cross-platform game you're going to need to buy a copy/license for each platform. Think about it.... would EA let you have a free copy of Crisis 2 on PC if you only bought it on xbox? ...not at all!

        I'm livid with EA and am never buying another of their games again (Edit: Well, I might if they can pull their heads out of their corporate asses - not holding my breath though), but I do want to point out that if you bought the EA+Bioware games (DA:O & 2, ME2 & 3) on xbox and registered the DLC or preorder/promo codes, you DO get to download them on the PC, which is a touch I have always appreciated and been pleasantly surprised by.

        They're still assholes, though. Be judged on your latest actions, and all that.

        Last edited 11/03/13 5:39 pm

          Same for me. Bastard business.

        Game developers have allowed that in the past, so yes, it is plausible. Look at the list of OS X games on steam, many of those titles when purchased apply both to Windows and OS X.

        It'll depend how they handle the port. In many cases this hasn't happened, however many of EAs games aren't ported or necessarily even distributed by an EA development team which would complicate things. Add to that it was only in the past month or two I believe that Origin was even made available for OS X, which may make past trends slightly less meaningful.

        Theres only two or three OS X games on Origin currently. But The Sims in the Mac section is listed as a PC/Mac purchase, which without further research suggests buying it once gives you both versions.

          Steam does seem to take a bit of a different approach to their marketplace, whereas if you buy a game, you're buying a steam key, rather than a platform specific key, they have a more universal approach. But say if you buy the same game from the publisher/developer or a retailer (be it online or b&m) directly, that key would be platform specific.

          @transientmind I see what you're saying there and it is definitely a more isolated circumstance compared to the industry norm, but hey, anything is possible and kudos to Bioware for that move!

            Steam isn't that unique, other content delivery services offer this. As I mentioned, the Origin site suggests it is a buy once affair. Having looked into it further, states that this is indeed the case and if you buy certain games on Origin, you will get both the Windows and Mac version.

            Don't forget that there are currently only about three games for Mac on the Origin store. The Mac version of Origin was released in Feb, a little over four or five weeks ago. Therefore previous assumptions regarding purchases probably don't apply overly well since we are dealing with a new service. Until EA states one way or another, it's probably too early to assume whether Sim City will be a buy once affair or not.

    I used my regular Vertigo Mastercard and gots me Sim City for $27.01!

      Does this mean you can only play it while your settings have you in India? Or can you change back and still play it perfectly?

        Highly doubtful, but I won't know till I get home from work. @Powalen may know more.

          @roachless Doesn't seem like there's any restriction. I swapped my region back to Australia after buying and the game was still listed. (Haven't actually played it yet so can't give a definite answer until it's finished downloading)

            Apparently this does not work anymore, so I am glad I got in before they fixed it. I also swapped my region back with no issues.
            I really wanted to play this game, but held off for the same reasons a lot of others did. But $27 was an offer too good to pass up.

    All last week:

    "Rageragefrothfroth AlwaysOnline DRM EA end times rageragefrothfroth."

    ...Then Pavlov rings his little bell and watch how many roll over, twitching with paroxysms of artificially-induced ecstasy.

    "Huge discounts! Sticking it to the man!" By paying them. Yes. I'm sure they're mortified.


      Yeah i want the play this so bad and at $27 is hard to resist, but no i must stick to my guns, Fuck EA and their constant drm.

      Exactly. They're going to boast sales numbers, not revenue to bolster their case.

    Great, This gets posted the day after I paid 80 bucks for it.

      Happened to me too Gintoki. I guess you win some, you lose some.

    PC only :(

      yeah derrrr, SimCity is only ever released for PCs'

        ill lower myself to your level and HERRR DERRRR back to you because to was released for OS X and other SimCity games have also been on the Mac.

          still hasn't been released for OS X yet you bafoon
          not to mention that's the OS a MAC is still a PC

          Last edited 11/03/13 11:49 am

            Thank you, Bafoon is a lot better than the 12 year old "yeah derrrr" reply and just so you know... the statement of "still hasn't been released for OS X yet" is a big step back from "SimCity is only ever released for PCs" but lets be civil... would you know of the OS X release date and if purchasing this deal would give me access to the OS X at a later date?

            please stop typing any more stupidity before we have an internet-wide facepalm and everyone has to call in sick because their face hurts so much from reading your comment and then we have to go through another global financial crisis because everyone can't work because they epically facepalmed....

            ...think of the children.... just think.... of ... the children.

        I'll just leave this here:

          Best Sim City!

          Also -

            And why not -


              Or the N64DD's SimCity 64 that was only in Japan

                That looks really cool!

                  I collect N64 games but im no way close to start getting into N64DD.
                  When i first knew about the new features in the 2013 SimCity i thought it would be close SimCity 64.
                  One thing a love about gaming back in the day was with game they had to be a 100% working when it came out.


            Bester Sim City!

            Also apparently the only one to let you zoom in to street level until Sim City 4 or something? I wish I could read Japanese.

              Fine. Uh, then Sim City is the best Sim City to get a Western release? :P

        Sim City 2000 on SNES (then basically everything else...PS, N64) man. Was balls though.

    No thanks. wouldn't play this game, even if they gave it away for free. I will also never pre-order any EA games anymore.

      your loss not ours

        the entire situation around sim city is every gamers loss

          I haven't lost anything for it. It's a great game, worth the money.

    Just tried:

    "Server Error
    We're very sorry, but we're currently experiencing technical difficulties.
    Error: SIT_000002"

    I guess EA stopped it.

    Yep, they blocked it.

    They have taken down the game from the india Origin store :(

    Haha brilliant. Everything worked well with my commonwealth mastercard :) Thanks for sharing.

    Yea, just tried. Anyone found another good price? Pretty keen to pick it up now these issues seem to be settling down.

      Bets digital I can see now is RU keys from but they don't guarantee you will be able to patch with English.. that's why I've held off..

      "* There are guides to get them game running in english. We do no guarantee any of the guides to work and there will be no refunds for this purchase."

      I'll be waiting for a price drop and/or sale to get a proper English version, or at least until the English guides are more certain.

        Yea, I jumped the gun and got it cheap on the Origin Russian store. Now trying to battle with EA help to get it changed to English. Bit of a long winded process so far. Was only $32 though, so a good price. Wasnt a 3rd party purchase, so I feel confident I should be able to change it.

          Check out the guide from the site.. they have a link on the product page.. it involves registry edits and stuff.. but looks very similar to other Russian to English guides I've seen for other Origin distributed games.

            Thanks man, I got it sorted last night. There was a work around, changing a few file names and such, and I got it to function in English. It is pretty cool, enjoying it so far. Had to start on Antarctica server however, both Oceania servers are constantly full.

              yours still in english? when ea released another patch it seems to have blocked changing to to english.

                Yea, it reverted to Hungarian again. Had to re-install and do the process again. Got it working, but a pain in the ass. Hopefully patches will be less frequent as it it gets further from the release. Great game tough, although my 1st city is now almost completely full.

    Good job letting every man and his dog know about this exploit and thus bringing it to EA's attention. God people are dumb.

    The best price was if you bought it from EB redeemed the key and returned it

    EZYDVD is getting back into games they have it for $42.38. They also have Heart of the Swarm for less than $40. Looks like they're using grey imports to keep the prices down.

      Only problem with EzyDVD is that they are liars about stock levels. Both myself and a work colleague tried them for different products at different times and both got the run around around for days (in my case) and weeks (in his case). Neither of us received the products we had "pre-ordered" from them. Investigating them a little further found that we weren't the only ones.

    Crap! Missed it.. I was not going to pay the aussie inflated $99 for it, but $27 I would buy it in a heartbeat!!

    Shame I missed it :(

      I missed it too! :( ... for $27 I'll buy it in a heartbeat but I'm not paying inflated price for a game with server issues on launch. Tropico 4 is $10 on Steam! I suggest people pick that up as well.

    Anyone tried any other countries, now that India doesn't work? Russia? Mexico? Singapore?..

    People have started being banned for doing this, as it is AGAINST origins ToS to disguise your VPN

      But this didn't require a VPN?

      never required a VPN and no point posting this crap without proof

    I'm just waiting for the skidrow version which will be released fairly soon if you look at their site.

    EA i hate you.

    RIP C&C series, rip...

      Skidrow doesn't have a website, the ones that have their name it in are knock offs. Scene groups don't have a web presence generally.

    Why is this not leading to another story about the insane price difference between what we are paying and what other countries are paying?? $27AUD in India and we're being asked to pay $70?? If you needed another reason not to support EA, there it is....

      Not sure if you are entirely serious here. India is a pretty small market; a huge number of people cannot afford computers, of those who can - $27 is still a pretty large sum.

      Thats why a huge number of places are significantly cheaper than UK/EU/US/CA/AU. The price discrepancy argument really only comes into it when comparing those prices because the majority in those countries have comparable incomes/living conditions.

      There could be a valid argument that since places are charged less for games, places that have more disposable income should be charged more. Realistically that's bollocks because if you didn't price the game in places like Russia & India so low no one would ever buy it.

      Well you go live in India for a while

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