Max Payne 3 Really *Is* $4.95 On Xbox LIVE Games On Demand (So Is Fallout 3)

For the past few days Xbox LIVE Games On Demand has been running some pretty sweet deals on multiple different games. Some are one day only, others are running for the entire week. But this deal? This is a little bit crazy. Crazy to the point where I have a feeling it may be some sort of glitch, so you might want to hurry up and jump on this one before someone notices: MAX PAYNE 3 IS BLOODY $4.95 ON XBOX LIVE GAMES ON DEMAND. GO GO GO!

At this stage I'm not too sure whether or not it's a mistake of not, and I'm afraid to ask anyone in case they fix it! Just take advantage of this good fortune. Max Payne 3 is a very good game that you should play, especially if it only costs $4.95.

And while you're at it, you might want to check out some of these other incredible deals.

Batman: Arkham Asylum: $9.95 Fallout 3: $4.95 Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3: $9.95 The Orange Box: $9.95

Yeah, I'll be buying a few of these methinks. These sales are legitimately crazy.

Thanks RaygunBrown and Batguy!


    For Australia? Or is this another repost from the US site?

      Link in the article is to AU marketplace.

      Go home

        With the amount of unedited reposting on this site, it was a legit question.

          Just check to see whether the editor has a picture next to them and who it was (Mark Serrels and Logan Booker are the main Australian ones). The link is also to the Australian marketplace.

      I just bought it for $5, so i guess it is!

      Aus price = $4.95/320msp
      US price = $15/1200msp

      Aus win for once

    wait wait wait wait..... Max Payne 3 is $15 on the US MP and we have it for $5? Surely must be an error? lol

      Get in quick! Same thing happened for Resident Evil 6 which was $10 here and $20 in the US and Black Ops which was $3 here and $10(?) in the US. Definitely an 'error'

        Maybe this Microsoft's screwed up way of sympathy for our "aussie tax"......

      There's been like 4 other errors so why stop now

    If only I didn't have a 20gb hard drive that is full of games already. How big is the file size?

      Link Says 7.8GB

        Jesus - thats a small file size given its 27 gb on Steam.

          PC has higher quality textures. 360 has to fit on a DVD.

        Thanks, couldn't check it at work. Wonder if I could store it on USB...

          You can, I downloaded Dirt 2 to a USB yesterday and it works fine.

      Looks like it's a bit more than 7.8:

      Still buy it online though. You will keep the license for the game, and you can just re-download it whenever you want to. This was in my opinion the most underrated game from last year (sales wise, not review wise), and it would be great to see some more support behind this masterpiece of a title.

    You can also press X to buy it in MS points. I'm not sure how much it is but someone on another site said it's around $3.80 so it's slightly cheaper!

      Converter I hit up says abit over $5

        How much points was it?

        When Code Veronica X HD was $5 I got it for 320 points (a bit over) but Black Ops was something like 480 points even though it was $3 but that was apparently an error so who knows :P. Microsoft's space bucks are a bit fiddly :P

          320 I believe, which works out being around 5.30?

            On ebay you can get 4000mp for $45 which makes it even cheaper

    Just got me Metal Gear 2 and 3 HD for $10. Not going to complain about that!

      Same, got Peace Walker and Fallout 3 as well for 5 bucks each. Already got Max Payne 3 though, so I won't bother.

      Man, my bank account has had a workout over the last few days.

    Too bad it's an awful game.

      Said no one ever...

        Unless you played the originals, in which case you probably did say that.

          I played all of them and I still enjoyed MP3 a lot. It had been 10 years since I played the previous 2 however.

    i think MGS 1, 2 and 3 for $15 is a bargain... (2 & 3 come together for 9.95, 1 is 4.95 - cheaper for australians!)

      Im thinking about these,

      They good games for $5 each? I know the PS versions were great however not sure how the ports went, apparently PW is good but its an obvious handheld port.

      Last edited 04/03/13 11:08 am

      MGS1 is $4.95? Link?

      All I can see is Peace Walker. Not sure MGS1 ever made it across the river to Microsoft.

      Peacewalker is not MGS1, it's the PSP game ported to Xbox. Still quite a good game from what I've heard. Too bad MGS1 (Twin Snakes) was ported to the Game Cube in an exclusive deal back in the day, otherwise we may have seen a 1, 2 & 3 HD pack released. Oh wells.

    I think it's totally legitimate. The sale splash page has said "Save $45" since last night, and the normal price is $49.95. The only problem was that it took till this morning for the adjusted price to kick in.

    Just ducked home from work and grabbed it. Great deal. Thanks for the heads up Mark. :)

    yeah been a massive sale on xbox live for the last few weeks, i got Black ops for $3:95 on friday.
    Grid 2 for $5
    but max payne MP would be built for Controller so may bea good buy

      I'm assuming you mean Dirt 2 because Grid 2 hasn't even come out yet. I picked that up as well the other day along with Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X.

        Yeah, i meant to say Grid *and Dirt 2 for $5*

    Just so you guys know, you don't have to 'duck home' and get it. You can do it from the webpage (just log in under your XBL ID), and you can cue it up to your console from your PC. Did it actually on my phone the other day for Resident Evil games. Was an awesome experience to come home, turn my console on and they were already downloading.
    But great deals happening too!

    Yeah these deals are amazing.

    So far I've picked up:

    Rainbow Six Vegas $3.95
    Black Ops $3.95
    Resident Evil 4 $9.95
    Resident Evil 5 $9.95
    Max Payne 3 $4.95

    Tempted ot go Virtua Fighter but I'm not sure I want to sell my disc version

      Be careful - that's the disc version. Not the XBLA Online version. :)

      Though technically they are both online versions?!

    it shows as $4.95 then when I try to buy adjusts to $14.95 :( Did they adjust it?

      Well, my wife texted me at 12:24pm to confirm she had just bought it on my profile (since the Xbox site doesn't work properly on my work PC) and it was definitely only $4.95. I assume she had bought it < 5 minutes prior to that. :/

      People are still getting it :/ maybe try using points if its not working?

      I just bought it at $4.95 no worries.

    Microsoft actually marking down - O My Gaaaaaaaaaaad!

    One stupid thing though - Microsoft is not highlighting all games that are on sale - only a 3 pages of games under the 'Sale' title.

    Which is funny, considering they don't even highlight Halo3 and Halo Reach - which is published by Microsoft Game Studios itself!

    Oh well, they're getting there. I give them that :/

      Halo games were day one of the sale and are no longer reduced - Page 1 contains the games on the sale currently (for 24hrs only) - Page 2 and 3 or on sale for the duration of the promotion.

        OK. Cool beanz :)

    Sweet deal. I grabbed COD Black Ops on the weekend for $2.95. That was a bargain as it seems only Australia got it that price?

    Is Fallout 3 still very broken/glitchy? The only reason I've never bothered is for that reason. If it has been patched up then $5 is a bargain.

    Is there a way to download the file onto your computer and then transfer it to your xbox? My download keeps cutting out.

      (sorry, meant to post as a new comment not reply to this)

      But no I think it has to be downloaded directly on the Xbox.

      Last edited 04/03/13 3:04 pm

    Bought it for myself and for a mate. Wish I'd known about this sale before, I'd have definitely grabbed Black Ops the other day :( lol.

    I just bought MP3 for PC so I think I'll pass on this deal.

    I was able to get RE6 & COD BLOPS for $9.95 and $2.95 respectively.

    Thanks Kotaku or Mark, wouldn't have known about this otherwise.

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