While You Were Sleeping

Time moves forward in a linear direction — who knew? It's Thursday already and its time for While You Were Sleeping! Let's get the news from last night in our tired, sloppy brains!

Remember that Dead Space story? The one where the series was going to be cancelled? EA has already confirmed the story as false, but not it's going one step further and claiming the entire story was made up. I'm going to go ahead and say there's no smoke without fire, but it wouldn't be the first time that stories have been exaggerated or blown out of proportion.

When I was young kids would almost come to blows over which was better: the Mega Drive or the SNES. I was always a SNES kid — but now I don't have to choose. This nifty little device puts it all in one Voltron console!

Sim City still seems to be in a bit of trouble, these are the most awesome video game dog companions and this is how you should start Mass Effect 3's new DLC.

In Short EA Exec Accuses Website Of Making Up Dead Space Cancellation Story NES, SNES, Genesis And GBA In One Voltron Console The Most Awesome Video Game Dog Companions How To Start Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC Hope You Weren't Planning On Playing Sim City Tonight



    Sleeping made it Thursday morning and time for working much too quickly!!

    I want to play Tomb Raider

    I should have called in and said I had "Tomb"burculosis @shane *horrible pun ;) *

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