Far Cry 3 Expansion Suggests The Game Has Jumped The Shark In The Most Amazing Way Possible

Above is apparently the "box art" for Blood Dragon, an upcoming (and seemingly downloadable) expansion for Far Cry 3. Take a good look at it.

It's as amazing as it appears unlikely, especially given it's April 1, but considering the title has been rated by both the Australian and Brazilian classification boards (it has a "high impact sex scene"), it looks like it might be an actual, real thing.

A thing that's evoking the 80s like it knew the decade first-hand. Sci-fi ninjas, giant Godzilla things, a tribute to Michael Biehn, all that pink. Amazing.

A list of achievements for the expansion have also turned up, and suggest there are new weapons, new enemies (including dragons), VHS tapes and the ability to "Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass".

Yes. Yes.


Computer Games Bulletin [Australian Classification Board]

New Far Cry: Blood Dragon box art leaks, is greatest box art ever [milkybar1983 @ NeoGAF]



    Oh yes please. Would love this.

      April fools dude.

        It's not april fools. Why would the ACB classify it?
        And why would Ubisoft be so mean?

          "Why would Ubisoft be so mean?"

          Lets start with Rayman Origins and go backwards.

          ACB has classified the game's NAME that doesn't mean the box-art actually represents the game.
          Also, it's not mean, it's April fools!
          Not that I'm saying it definitely IS an April fool, but it's certainly a possibility

          Last edited 01/04/13 8:23 pm

          It's very possible that thats the name of the game. That doesn't mean the cover art itself isn't a complete joke however. I've seen far more sensible pre release cover art (appearing on days other than April 1st) than this one that didn't make the cut.

        Certainly a very well planned one if they got the Classification Boards of multiple countries in on it.

          Except they could actually be making a game/dlc with that name... it just isn't necessarily anything like the cover art, that wouldn't take much planning at all


    April fools. Just because those boards have classified something called Blood Dragon doesn't make that cover legit.

    Maybe the dlc is a real thing but the theme is the april fools? Could explain why there is a rating.

    Last edited 01/04/13 5:26 pm

    The achievements came out for this on x360a a few days ago so it seems to be a legit thing

      that doesn't make the cover art legit, just means the name is

    For a moment there, I'd confused Far Cry with Just Cause, and thought this sounded awesome.

    Between Sub-Zero dude on the left, Kano guy, and a dragon, you'd think somebody wanted some MK in their FC.

    if its an April Fools day joke it sure is quite a pricy and elaborate one

      They could be really making a game with that title, the April Fools joke would only be the cover art.
      Cheap and easy April Fools

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