YouTube's Silliest Personalities Get Re-Created In Source Filmmaker

Remember the pure genius that was thatscoutisaspy's recreation of the Game Grumps absolutely losing it to Sonic '06? If you don't, do yourself a favour and get acquainted.

The Game Grumps continue to play games and be silly about it, and thatscoutisaspy continues to take the silliest of their content and recreate their interactions in Team Fortress 2, thanks to Source Filmmaker. And I continue to soak it up, because I like the weirdest of things.

Here's the original for comparison:


    lmao the TF2 version was MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Hope they do more :D

    Everybody should also watch the Two Best Friends Play animations done by Plague of Grapes (who I think have also done some animation for Game Grumps).

    wow, they outdid the first one, keep it up!

    I didn't understand the appeal of either version back in the original story.

    But pure genius? Ok.

    I'd like to share this one too!

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