Here Are All Of Today's Nintendo Direct Announcements In One Video

In case you just missed Nintendo's latest stream of Direct To You announcements, you can check out the full video here.


    It seems quite cruel that he is forced to stand there and speak English because idiots don't want to read subtitles.

      I kind of agree, but it looks like he was having fun :P

      Yeah poor guy. And his console doesn't have any games :( First world problems.

    Really that is it?
    Mario + sonic: looks like nothing new there, the usual who can mash 'A' the quickest
    Game And Wario: they didnt even explain one of the mini games. Does not look very interesting at all
    Resident Evil: 3ds port? Whole new game because you moved some enemies from one room to another?
    Luigi U? Good to see they are doing download content, but people are not really interested in more 2d scrolling mario games.
    Wonderful 101: Hey everyone we are making this game, but we have nothing to show you. Thanks!
    Pikmin: 3 Characters must make it 3 times the fun right? Good to see the WiiU gamepad being used to its full potential......... show a map of the level, wow so revolutionary.

    This nintendo direct is not going to sell anymore consoles

      Oh, hello cynic who clearly has no time for any further research or is at all interested in Nintendo whatsoever and therefore is not the target audience for Nintendo Directs and just wants to stir shit.

      People love the Mario & Sonic Sports games, they're big sellers. Game and Wario had three minigames previewed on the American stream, which would be super simple to look up if you were at all interested. 2D Mario games are still loved by many, myself included. Wonderful 101 has had tons of gameplay trailers in the past, again super easy to look up. Pikmin 3, you've obviously never played a Pikmin game before and you just don't get it.

      And finally. FINALLY. This was, as we knew it was going to be, a Nintendo Direct that would recap the old things we sort of already knew, giving everything release dates. There is going to be another Direct just before E3 and it is going to feature new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros games, and probably a lot more. Quit your negativity and get enlightened, life's more fun when you're not an ignorant cynic.

    The Sonic and Mario game didn't look that bad, i'll be adding it to the list of games to keep an eye on. I've never played any of the winter olympics games series before, hopefully this one is good.

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