New Footage Of Gran Turismo 6 Looks Predictably Fantastic

Say what you like about the Gran Turismo series, it looks incredible. When I first got my PlayStation 3 the Gran Turismo demo was the thing I used to show it off to friends. Slick, hi-res — ridiculously detailed models — there's really nothing like it. Predictably, this new Gran Turismo 6 footage looks incredible. Did you really expect anything less?

Gran Turismo has always been car porn. It's the only way to describe it. Not just visually, but in terms of how the cars drive, the physics. You're either into that or you're not. As someone who isn't really into cars at all, Gran Turismo has always been one of those games where I've felt a little out of my depth when trying to describe how it plays or how it feels. All I can do is respect its achievements.

For car nuts, however, there's nothing better.


    Dear Polyphony.

    Please don't give us 958 variations of Nissan Skylines and Honda Civics, I would like some more Euro trash and American muscle as shown in the above video.


    A car guy.

      the reason they have so many of the same cars id imagine is because they port them over to newer version. They just update and add as opposed to creating new cars. when you have 1000+ cars your going to get versions of the same. For example there are like 10 versions each of the wrx and the lancer. Its realism, I say keep them, the more to collect the better.

    Call me cynical but after GT5 which I think was the weakest entry in the series, I personally believe that the game simply isn't that fun anymore (you know, the reason we play games).

    I don't know whether it is because the gameplay is formulaic (coming from a JRPG fan that has to mean something) or because we know that when it comes right down to it, the game is almost worse than the COD series with regards to taking an old idea that worked and giving it a new coat of paint rather than replacing the wall that has slowly been rotting away underneath. I understand that it is pegged as a simulator but if you are spending a ton of money to make tweaks to systems and functions that 80% (arbitrary, unfounded statistic reporting for duty) of the people playing the game either don't notice or care about while neglecting the concept of fun then I think you will likely be overtaken by Need of Speed, Burnout and so on.

    I sincerely hope GT6 does well because the industry needs a game that gets the little things right, however, make sure you are also giving people a reason to keep playing by making the game engaging and fun as well as accurate.

    I found that GT5 was my least played - but I can also pinpoint an exact reason as to why. I'm not a car person, but my older brother was - he used to do all the tweaking, and deciding what to buy, and I liked racing them. It was the perfect cooperative videogame.
    We'd both moved out by the time GT5 came out and although I bought it I can't be arsed with all the car-related stuff, so I didn't play it. I doubt I'll play GT6, either.

    Is it just me or did that not look THAT much better than GT5? Also after playing Forza, all GT footage looks unrealistic (not polygon count but movement of the cars).

      I think Forza just shows more action in the suspension and tyres.
      The GT5 handling model itself -- when using a wheel anyway, feels really good.

    How did GT5 compare to GT3?
    I much prefer arcade to sim; GT3 was the perfect balance for me.

    What I hate are that there are people that don't undersand that Gran tursismo is a Car SIM game.

    Forza feels arcade'y to me the xbox steering wheel also adds to that feeling.

    GT5+ LT G27 Wheel = Closest you can get to real racing ect..
    Besides other variants like l2s and other PC only car sims.

      couldnt agree more that this isn't a racing game as much as it is a simulator. Loved playing GT5 on my wheel with pedals and gears.

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