Rumor: Nintendo Ending Gay Marriage Bug In Popular Game

Rumor: Nintendo Ending Gay Marriage Bug In Popular Game

In Nintendo’s wildly popular sim Tomodachi Collection: New Life for the 3DS, there is a bug that apparently enables male Miis the ability to marry other male Miis. Apparently, make that, enabled.

Today, Nintendo released a statement about a Tomodachi Collection: New Life patch. In the statement, Nintendo writes that those experiencing the following things should update the title:

The inability to boot up the game

Error messages

Human relations that become strange

The inability to save

Nintendo actually wrote “Human relations become strange” (人間関係がおかしくなる or Ningen kankei ga okashiku naru). Some people might say Nintendo’s being strange!

Online in Japan, Twitter users like @Kawatisan are saying that players who want to continue with their in-game gay couples, they should not download the patch. Others are noting Nintendo’s word choice. As of posting, New Life players, however, have yet to report online how the patch impacts the same sex couples.

Previously, Kotaku reached out to Nintendo regarding this issue, but the company did not comment.

トモダチコレクション新生活 [任天堂]

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  • …….Human relations that become strange…… Hmmmm a big no, no, Nintendo…. Who would have thought you guys were homophobic..?

    • Because Japan is unfortunately quite backwards, socially, in regards to gay people.

    • Apparently it actually goes on to cause other problems like the inability to save and other things. It wasn’t intended to be in the game, technically it’s a bug. Though maybe Nintendo will learn from this experience and include same sex options in future titles.

    • It was (it IS) a bug because it was never an intended function of the game; and Nintendo never wanted it to be in there.
      And as much as I think that it should be in there, equal rights and all; this IS a Nintendo game marketed at children. They couldn’t allow it to be in there. It would ruin their reputation.

      Which is an incredibly depressing statement about the industry.

      • No they’re not. They’re fixing a bug that was never intended before anything could break.

        Think about Fire Emblem Awakening, if there was a bug that allowed a gay marriage what do you think would happen then? your characters would bug and not achieve a class S conversation potentially breaking the game, you would have 2 wasted characters which won’t be able to have their a future child(s) therefor missing out on 2 potential stories and missions.

        So no they’re not being homophobic they’re fixing a bug.

        You on the other hand are as big an idiot as Patricia/Jason for calling me out on that.

  • @heaven: I think it’s best that you refer to Nintendo’s own statement: “Human relations that become strange”. The only element that make it deemed ‘strange’ is male to male relationships.

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