See Four New Pokémon In Action In The Newest Gameplay Trailer

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y got a new game trailer this morning, and shed more light on the game, including four new Pokémon, when it arrives in October for the 3DS. Say hello to Fletchling, Pancham, Helioptile and Gogoat.

The game will take place in an entirely new region, named Kalos, whose central hub is Lumiose City. You can see its landscape and features in the video above.

Beginning at 0:44 you can see the new Pokémon. They are, in order, Fletchling, a normal- and flying-type Pokémon; Pancham, a fighting type with a brand-new move called "Parting Shot" that allows him to switch out for another Pokémon in the trainer's group; Helioptile, a normal- and electric-type whose hit points are restored by half of the damage its Parabolic Charge causes; and Gogoat, a grass-type Pokémon who will give players "a reliable way to travel certain parts of Lumiose City."

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    10 years too late, and not up to 2013 standards. Looks like a piss poor attempt for a 3DS game.

      Repeated a billion times over the course of 10 years, not up to current trolling standards with a droll and rather uneducated jab at graphics. Piss poor attempt at a comment.

      But no, I'm kidding, I'm totally with you, look at those playstation 1-era graphics.

        you guys know this is a 3ds title yeah... and that the 3ds can't do powerful graphics on that scale no matter how much the devs try.

        if you want something with a bit of graphical kick get a vita.

        I don't get why people always piss and moan about the graphics in Pokemon games... They've never been about cutting edge graphics, it's all about the gameplay.

      Don't you mean your standards. I think this is gonna be great, girlfriend and i are waiting with anticipation.

      Are you kidding? You haven't a clue on style then. This is a style for a game, it doesn't necessarily have to have normal, bump, displacement, spec, gloss to look good. For me, the style looks wonderful. For the game, the improved feel of the environments will be a treat. Especially on the 3DS.

    I'm pretty excited about this myself. I skipped Gen 5 (but I kept up-to-date with some of the Pokemon through battle simulators), so I'm not so fatigued with the series just yet. It sounds like they're streamlining the EV-training aspect, but I hope they make IV's also more transparent.

    A lot of people seem to be begging for a Pokemon MMO but I don't think it'll work, nor do I want one. I like playing with my friends side-by-side on a train or on lunch breaks. I see little enough of them these days, a Pokemon MMO would just make me see them less =P

    dammit nintendo, the only reason i bought a DS was so that i could play Pokemans black / white, now i have to buy a 3ds to play this!!!
    angry, but im still gonna do it cause its pokemans! :D

      You only bought a DS to play black/white? Dude... You've really missed out on some gems.

        my mate lent me a dozen or so DS games and not 1 interested me slightly, cant remember what they were, but i just wasnt into gameboy games

    They really need to redo the female player avatar. She looks like she going shopping rather than battling pokemon. Can't take it seriously.

      You can customise your character's appearance, from race to hair/eye colour to attire, the latter of which you can change at any time. Feel free to dress up your Yvonne/Yvette/other Y pun for whatever you think she needs to do.


    Im really excited for this series. It looks really promising and ive followed the series from the start. Its cool that they now have mounts. they need to bring back pokemon outside the pokeball, i want to see a nice Charizard strolling along the city streets, or flying beside me while i mount Arceus. And im not sure if it was really clear but is there still square spaces or is it a fluid movement now?
    And to have atleast a connection with the WiiU. They had something similar for Pokemon Crystal, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald connecting to the Gamecube. Make use of the amazing tech we have now.
    So much more potential! I would like to see more of a customization for the characters, have my own styled Trainer. Like Dragontamer Trainer or Daycare Trainer.
    but other then that im really looking forward to it. getting all my pokemon from the original games to this. they have been with me from the start!

      You can't transfer from the original gameboy games to gen III upwards

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