The Wii U Premium Set Is Now In White

One of the ways you could differentiate the Wii U Basic and the Wii U Premium bundles was their colours. Not any more.

Until now, Nintendo has made the Wii U Premium Set available only in black (the Basic Set was white). But on July 13 in Japan, Nintendo is releasing the 32 GB Premium Set in white.

As with the previously released Wii U Premium Set, the white version is also priced at 31,500 yen (US$315).

Wii U Hardware [Nintendo]

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    This will totally make me want to buy a Wii U now

    Last edited 30/05/13 5:00 pm

    Dangit. I wanted white on launch day, but buggered if I was going to get the basic pack.

      Same here! This really pisses me off.

    Knew this'd happen, and I still got a black premium on day one.

    Ah well, only a minor regret.

    ehh white ones will turn yellow around the edges in a few years anyway

    They can dress up their insides as much as they like, they'll still be ugly on the outside.

    Because this is really gonna help people tell it apart from the original Wii too!

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