Tony Stark Visits The World Of Skyrim, Iron Man Suit And All

Given its high level of modability and the quality of the visuals, we'll be seeing machinima based on Bethesda's popular RPG for years to come (well, until the studio releases the next instalment). With Iron Man 3 out in those fancy projection chambers called "cinemas", it was only a matter of time before the movie's billionaire protagonist found himself on the tenderising end of a warhammer.

Put together by the folks of Tyrannicon (which sounds suspiciously like a comic convention for dinosaurs), "IRON MAN: Skyrim At The Movies" shows us one interpretation of Tony Stark's potential activities in a world clearly not ready for his advanced mind and sophisticated technology.

In terms of humour, it falls a bit flat, but the Robert Downey Jr. impersonation is fairly accurate and the amount of effort put into animating, texturing and generally stitching the clip together is admirable.

Now... where can I get me a Jericho fireball spell?

IRON MAN: Skyrim At The Movies — TYRANNICON [YouTube, thanks Ricky]


    Haha, I didn't mind that, was a bit dry in a few parts but otherwise funny. That armour looks good. Time to reload Skyrim... again.. :D

    It's like they really hired Samuel L Jackson for this clip.

      It probably was Samuel L Jackson, He is in EVERYTHING else...

    That RDJ impression was pretty good but the other voices sound like they were gargling marbles.

      >like gargling marbles.
      In the case of Jeff Bridges' voice, that would be spot on!

    Seeing Throthgar getting his ass kicked made me smile

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