All Of The Cosplay From Sydney’s Supavova In One Neat Video

All Of The Cosplay From Sydney’s Supavova In One Neat Video

Anyone head to Supanova in Sydney at the weekend? It looked like it had quite the stellar line-up of celebs and what not, but I didn’t get the chance to go. But ArtificialDogma did, and he came back with a superbly made video of all the best cosplay he came across at the show. This is good stuff.

ArtificalDogma’s work has featured on Kotaku Australia before, and this new video is pretty similar to his previous work, but I really love the focus he puts on the ponderous amount of work that goes into putting these outfits together. I feel as though he really tries to show the detail that’s put into some of the more elaborate costumes.

Great vid!

Also — man there was a lot of Adventure Time cosplay!


  • Too much Adventure Time cosplay TBH.
    I wonder if this guy knows that not every shot needs to be a sweeping from side to side shot, gives me motion sickness.
    As for the costumes… Wow, there were maybe half a dozen good detailed costumes, the rest just look sub-par compared to last year.

  • I saw about 13 Fins, Seven Deadpools and I shit load of lousy anime characters, but not one fucking Elizabeth.

    • I actually saw THREE Elizabeth cosplayers. There were two perfect looking ones as well. One of them I believe was part of a Bioshock cosplaying group. There were people dressed up as the enemies of the first game as well (not sure on the name, I couldn’t play it fully because it gave me motion sickness).

      Have to say it, but that wasn’t all of the best ones. There was a ton of Star Wars ones as well and I know I also accidentally repeatedly interrupted this guy filming since at points nobody could get around certain areas inside.

      I’m disappointed to not see the DBZ group, DGM group, the Street Fighter group and many others that had some fantastic outfits.

  • I went as my own Deadpool/Iron Man crossover. 3 people filmed me but I’m not in this. Where am I!?! D:

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