Everything We’ve Learned About Pokemon X/Y At E3 In One Handy Video

So much Pokemon X and Pokemon Y news at E3 2013, so little time. Well, not really so little time. I mean, we’ve found time to tell you about the new Fairy type and the three new Pokemon. All that’s left is for you to sit through this five-minute roundtable video and purchase a timeshare.

The timeshare is probably optional. Also, non-existent.


  • To bad they can’t make fairy classes in prior games, Jigglepuff was so useless in Pokémon Conquest and they literally forced you to use that Warlord.

  • I haven’t invested the time to finish a Pokemon game in years, mainly due to the fact that it was the same game with a new skin over the top. I’m still not sold on X&Y since I’m opposed to Fairy type being the advantage over Dragon type (Seriously, being a cute thing kicks the crap out of a powerful Dragon? Logic mother f*cker, do you make it!?); and the who “Nintendogs with Pokemon” subgame isn’t exactly exciting; but the horde mode and the 3D aspect are slowly bringing me around. if they keep showing me something different and appealing, then they’ll get my money in October.

    • Well, Fairy Type has the advantage because both are mythological creatures, and in some mythos, dragons have no resistance to magic. Here, it’s more of a balance thing.

      As for Pokemon-Amie, that’s probably going to really help create the ‘connection’ between trainer and Pokemon that used to be done just by winning battles and walking. It’s also partially to appeal to the female members of the fanbase. They make up to anywhere between 25 to 50% of the sales.

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