Pokemon X And Y Dated For October 12

Nintendo just revealed the release date for the next installation in the Pokemon franchise.

In addition to the release date Nintendo also showed off new features such as a Pokemon touch element and a new Pokemon type. The Pokemon touch element of the game allows players to interact with their Pokemon via the touch screen on the 3DS. Players can even use the 3DS camera to "mime" their Pokemon's motions.

The new Pokemon type announced, Fairy, will be particularly strong against Dragon type Pokemon. No word on what its weaknesses will be but Nintendo did reveal four Fairy type Pokemon. Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir are all now part of the Fairy type. Nintendo also revealed a Sylveon, a new Eevee evolution, as a Fairy type.


    They basically created the new type for ONE POKEMON...

      Oh, you mean like they did for Steelix?

      Or Umbreon?

    yeh kinda blows - can someone remind me why fairies are super effective against Dragons?

      Cos only Ice was before? Or magic? Or I dunno, it's Pokemon, just go with it.

      I hope they introduce a new tougher type, Fairy is a little...queer :P

    A little weird they didn't announce Clefairy under the new type...

    Back since Sylveon was announced there have been rumours and speculation of it being a new type (though most people's money was on "light" not "fairy") to make a trinity with dragon and ice the way that there is one with psychic/dark/fighting or grass/water/fire. Do they need a new type? Ehhh, but I welcome something with an advantage against dragon, right now the only things good against it are dragon and ice.
    As long as it doesn't throw things completely out of wack I'm okay with them balancing dragon a bit like they did when they introduced dark and ice in gen II as psychic and dragon were mostly untouchable .

    Fairy beats dragon as dragons get slayed in fairytales? *shrug*

    >A little weird they didn't announce Clefairy under the new type...
    They had one from gen I, II and III plus a new one. I'd assume Clefairy is fairy type, but they're just announcing examples rather than all of them for now.

    Fairy beats dragon as dragons get slayed in fairytales? *shrug*
    So now I'm sitting here hoping they introduce a knight-style character and make him a fairy type...

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