A 'Core' Pokémon Game Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch (Eventually)

Image from a Sun and Moon trailer

Many were disappointed about the 3DS exclusivity of Ultra Sun and Moon, but worry not, Pokémon fans. Your console hybrid will get some pocket monster goodness too!

While there's no footage to show off yet, or an exact release date, Nintendo announced that a Pokémon game will be making its way to the Switch.

"Game Freak has begun developing a core RPG Pokémon title on Nintendo Switch," Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokémon Company, said during this morning's Nintendo Spotlight. "It may not release for more than a year, but we hope you'll look forward to it all the same.

"In the meantime, let's enjoy this year's E3."

The whole thing sounds a ways off, but here's something to chew on in the meantime: we know that the 3DS and Switch can communicate. Maybe Switch Pokémon players will be able to interact with 3DS Pokémon

players in some way?


    Don't get me wrong, very happy this is a thing. But felt very tacted on, like they saw the reaction to the pokemon direct and thought they better let slip. In fact the whole direct felt a little unpolished by nintendo's usual standard. 5/5 for games, 2/5 for showmanship (happier for it to be this way round)

    Take BoTW - interchange Zelda with Pokemon. Game finished.

    Imagine being able to freely explore a world with your 6 best pals in tow. Using flying types instead of a paraglider.


    Calling it it's either going to be a mystery dungeon game or a port of Gen 1&2.

    Like previous said by another guy just use Zelda BOTW gameplay, graphics and item system etc and make it a full blown pokemon rpg and fly around and surf etc, i could homestly die a happy person if i experienced such a precious game.
    There doesnt have to be hundreds of weak pokemon everywhere either, but make legendary and rare pokemon in super secret locations behind labrynths and hidden paths etc, and have it so when you cross paths with a trainer your first pokemon will automatically release if you press a button like the "lock on button in combat" you can engage in a battle anywhere anytime but it should be able to run away as well.
    Use a trainer experince system to make people battle ordinary trainers instead of running away.
    Whatever happens i know it will be so good!

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