Hands On Super Mario 3D World

In the video above, watch Jason Schreier, Kirk Hamilton and Giant Bomb's Patrick Klepek play a Five Minutes of Nintendo's Super Mario 3D World at E3. Patrick is clearly jazzed about bein' a cat.


    It's nice and all but personally, I'd like a return to the simplicity of Mario 64. No galaxy, nothing like that, just Mario and possibly Luigi saving the princess again in the mushroom kingdom once more :\

      Then perhaps you should play Super Mario 3D Land.

      I actually want them to be more risky and different with the Mario franchise, like Super Mario Sunshine.

        I did play it, we own it. I'm talking more full 3d run around exploration. 3d land was nice but it was still side to side levels more or less, a 2.5d game sort of. Still a great game. Mario Sunshine was fun, they'll still do things like that, but I'd really like a return to the classic formula as well. i.e. single player, exploration that mario 64 had.

          I think they'll do it eventually but to me this looks like

          "Sh!t we need a 3D Mario stat!"

          It looks like they took the skeleton of 3D land, zoomed out the camera and tried a few new things.

          Lucky for them I approve of the new things: Cat Nario is awesome and the ability to play as the Princess is long overdue.

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            Yep. Zero issues with them doing this, multiplayer mario is always a great game to crack out at kids parties and the such, its always a winner at my house.

          Yeah fair enough a massive Mario game would do wonders, however I think they already cop alot of flak for over saturating the Mario franchise (albeit its more the 2D titles) so I doubt it will be a while before they will do something exciting with Mario.

            Oh absolutely. Though some crossover games would be interesting about now. Mario + Megaman...

            Mario + Prototype? lol

          Actually Mario 3d world has a full 3d camera. In the developer interview he explained that in singleplayer mode you can play using the full 3d camera just like Mario 64... And even gives you a few second demo of the chase cam then it pans back and fourth.

          For multiplayer the camera has to stay zoomed out, 3d land mode.

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