Here's What The New Handheld Zelda Looks Like In Action

At E3, our very own Jason Schreier had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with the new handheld Legend of Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds. There's a little bit of everything: exploration, combat, and Jason even demonstrates the new Merge feature for us, which lets Link become a wall painting to sneak by enemies. Clever!

We also get to see some of the series' recurring items in action, such as the Fire Rod and the Hammer.

A Link Between Worlds is set to come out this Christmas season on the 3DS.


    Another fucking reason to buy a 3DS.

    God dammit, I really need to get off my arse and go buy one.

    Been wanting to get this game, but there's so many games out this year I wonder if I'll even have money for this when it releases. lol

    If I ever finish Fire Emblem I'll get this.

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