Microsoft Found Folks Who Are Actually Looking Forward To The Xbone

Microsoft's booth at E3 has a screen showcasing what people are saying about the Xbone on Twitter...and it's all weirdly positive. Here are a few of the tweets. It's definitely misrepresentation, I'd say — the bulk of the talk around the Xbox One is kind of negative, no?

Well, at least they've learned from last time — none of the tweets I saw are obvious sarcasm.


    Wow... so 3 positives... I wonder how many negatives they had to filter out to find those.

    (I wonder how many were fake...)

    "Watching the new games for Xbox One".

    Um... how is that positive news? They're just saying they're watching trailers. Many people who have no interest in the Xbox One will watch those trailers regardless, to see if there are games worthy enough for that console. I'm also sure journalists and reviewers kinda have to watch anything and everything.

    If you actually break down the e3 shows Microsoft showed boatloads of exclusives like Ryse and Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 which looks mind blowing from a true gamers perspective there is a lot to be excited for, whereas Sony just showed games like Kh3 which is on both?? however Nintendo did fairly okay with their direct presentation showing a new Mario kart a new Mario bros and super smash!... I honestly don't see much point to the Ps4 tbh it seems like a done up Ps3 which is what my PC already is...

      The XBone is pretty much the same hardware as the PS4, just slightly less powerful.

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      Sony showed exclusives too.
      Killzone 4, Infamous Second Son, Drive Club, Knack, The Order, The Witness, Deep Down, Dark Sorcerer (oh whatever it turns out to be called), Transistor, plus those 4 indie games and prob some more. Also They said they had at least 20 exclusive games in development.

      I agree, people are too busy getting caught up on how many terrible decisions Microsoft are making around the console itself to see the truth that their E3 show was stronger than Sony's.

      If they didn't announce the price point and used game and online policy, Sony would have shown approximately two new games (is Dark Sorcerer even a game?), neither of which had gameplay footage, and two Square Enix games that you would have to be living under a rock to not know were obviously already in development WITHOUT, yet again, any sort of release window. It could be, and basing it on previous experience, probably will be close to half a decade before we actually get to play Kingdom Hearts 3.

      I had both consoles this generation, with Xbox 360 as my main one. But i'm really torn about which console to buy on release right now. On one hand i'm very excited about games like Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall (previously hated Call Of Duty, as well!), but the price point and sharing annoys me.

      Although i never trade in games, and the family sharing feature makes it clear that my brothers will be able to use the games we buy, so it's not really a problem anymore. No used games at fair prices is the biggest gripe I guess.

      But then there's PS4 which based on PS3, interface wise, will likely be not as good as xbox, with far fewer exclusives that excite me currently (we all know Killzone is just a pretty Call Of Duty for playstation, right?).

      It's probably going to come down to PS4 being region free and thus me being able to order it from Amazon US at the fair price we deserve as consumers.

      I'd rather a ps4 that is only incremently better than the ps3 than an xbox one that is worse than the 360, there are a few good games in microsofts lineup but nothing that grabbed my attention enough to spend $500+ on it.

    Im looking forward to it

      I'm looking forward to playing Killer Instinct on display at my local jb and nothing more.

      As am I. Always looking forward to new consoles and a lot of the features that are useful to Aussies look interesting.

    I'm looking forward to it as well

    Well of course they only showed positive ones. No company is stupid enough to show negative things people are posting about their product(s).

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      Yeah, but you've got to admit it's funny that in they'd choose to showcase how well it's being recieved by Twitter users when the "I'm looking forward to XBOX One" tweets are outweighed about a million to one by "Microsoft just sold me a PS4" tweets.

      Well they were stupid enough to release an underpowered, overpriced console crippled by unfair restrictions... so don't assume they aren't stupid enough to post bad feedback to their booth....

      Well whoever's handling their PR could be trying to get into sony's good books so they'll still have a job in the future...

    It's hard being one of the few that is getting the Xbox One, it's also hard being someone who doesn't fly into hysterics every time something doesn't go my way. At least the line to pre-order will be nice and short. :)

      Come talk to us the moment your internet is down for over a day and you cant play the machine... we will be here, ready to listen to you

        But how, his internet will be down?

        I guess he will have to go outside for a bit or maybe watch TV or go to the movies or the park or go out with friends. So in the off chance it does go down for more than a day (which is unlikely) there is other stuff people can do

        Or he could just hotspot his phone for the authentification check

    Well I'm not looking BACKWARDS to the Xbone, oh yeah. Well until I pick up my PS4 and look back to the shop to see the Xbones sitting on the shelf, then I'll be looking backwards...

    You know what, I'll just get my coat and leave

    I'm moderately interested in the exclusive titles on the Xbone. I'd be quite happy to wait for a price drop or two first though. I've already preordered a PS4.

    I'm looking forward to it.

    I love watching things crash and burn.

    Who would be surprised to find out they are all just actually microsoft employees...

    Just makes me think of Bill Gates' kids right now, your dad has billions of dollars and all you've got to show for it is a zune and an XBone.


      I doubt they're astro turfing twitter but I'm sure they had to cherry-pick the hell out of these tweets for those positive ones.

    Look no doubt there are people whi are looking forward to this so they can play Call of FIFA year round, just aint me I guess.

      Sorry, I couldn't resist chipping in here to add a "Madden Warfare" subtitle to that.

      Please, carry on.

    If Lionhead can find people demanding an HD remake of Fable then anything is possible.

    Maybe its the founding of a new fanclub? "The XBoners" :oD

      You can spot a xbone apologist by the defiant way they call it the much-cooler-sounding 'X1'.

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      Maybe the XBoners could meet up with Sony's fanbase, "The GayStation Club" :)

      (the downvote button awaits)

    There are also people out there looking forward to Justin Bieber concerts and there's not much you can say to them that will influence them to ditch the Bieber cardboard cut-out in their room.
    All joking aside, there are just some things for the XBone that have become a deal-breaker for MOST of us.

    I'm also looking forward to it.

    It would be more beneficial if Kotaku ceased the sensationalist articles and did some games reporting though - Where are the articles/hands on and interviews regarding The Division, The Crew, Forza5 etc?

      This. Kotaku has been painful recently. I'm not even planning to get either console (yet), but every day it's the same articles and the same comments. Zzzz

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        This is E3 season. Noteable remarks are easily turned into articles now, whilst the game impressions you are after (which take time to write) will be added in time.

      Maybe Kotaku will put games on the XBone first when Microsoft do?

    We get it Kotaku, you don't like the xbox one. All these negative articles are just showing how immature you guys are. But, so are a lot of the gaming community so you are hitting your target audience I suppose.

      Yeah, do a positive xbone article ay? Instead of the laying down some gloomy FACTS and dafuq-quotes-from-MS-execs-who-should-know-better, Kotaku should track down that one tweeter who is "looking forward to the Xbox One" and ask them why?

        Or they could focus on the games and developers rather than the same few issues over and over

        If there was anything positive to say about it I'm sure they would.

    I'm looking forward to one. I care about good games and since Microsoft showed so many of those, I'll be buying one to play said games.

    I can even share my library with 10 people digitally. Sounds good to me.

      I won't deny that they showed some great games for the Xbone, but it's the console... no, no I won't say it, everyone here knows what I think.

    Well that was borderline insulting. I'd be willing to wager that there are far more people interested in the XB1 than there are people who are interested in your articles, Patricia.

    "It’s definitely misrepresentation, I’d say — the bulk of the talk around the Xbox One is kind of negative, no?"

    Question: Do you expect MS to put up hatred tweets to promote their machine?

    Here's a quote you can use to promote Kotaku: "Kotaku is a biased gaming website, whose "journalists" can be bought off with cash by gaming companies. Don't trust them, ever!"


    I'm kidding, of course :) (don't quote me on that)

    All the MSDF drones complaining that Kotaku is bashing on the XB1 - every other media outlet is doing it. Deal with it. Truth hurts.

      Its funny cos if you go back a bit theres the comments about Kotaku being MS fanboys.

    Those people who tweeted those had guns pointed to their heads from M$ employees.

    You know what I love the most?

    The delicious irony that comes from people on internet websites and forums complaining about a console that requires an internet connection.

      Commenting on a website requires an internet connection.

      Playing a single player game doesn't . Unless one is artificially forced on it because somebody is treating paying customers like pirates.

      Pretty simple, really.

        I understand how wrong it is in principle, but let's be honest, even the haters can see how strange it is that someone who can afford an Xbox One plus games can't afford internet right?

        I mean, what are the odds, that someone who can afford an Xbox One (or PS4), games and the HDTV required to play them on, can't afford internet AND doesn't have a smartphone that can tether?

        The percentage of people would just be so tiny I doubt Microsoft gives a fuck about them.

        The rest are just complaining on principle more than anythign else. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just saying.

          I don't think affordability is the problem - as you say, I think the vast majority of people are opposed to it on principle. And those are people that MS DO need to give a fuck about, because they have money to spend and so far it looks like a lot of them will be spending it with MS's competitor.

          From my point of view it's just a completely unnecessary restriction which is being imposed on the device for the benefit of large corporations with absolutely no benefit for me, the consumer. Given that the competition aren't imposing such restrictions and have a cheaper console with better specs, this one won't even come under consideration.

          I would not be surprised to see an epic backflip or two from MS between now and launch day.

            I'm not so sure to be honest.

            Once you realise this was Microsoft's compromise for not being able to have a full digital console, it doesn't come across as "evil" as most think.

            Discless gaming was clearly the goal. Microsoft wants to get people used to the idea of no discs. You simply can't do this without SOME form of DRM. You just can't.

            But then you look at the friend sharing, and the permanent lending to 1 person, and you think "Wait, these are GOOD things, and wouldn't they hurt sales more?". But then, in MS' method, you'd eliminate more piracy (not all of course), curb used game sales, but I think the idea is to get better DLC penetration.

            So yeah, 10 guys get to play a game for free, so then why wouldn't they spend $5/$10/$15 on DLC?

              If they want to encourage people to move toward digital distribution, they don't need any of this shit. All they need to do is make their digital versions of the games significantly cheaper than the physical versions. Have you looked at the price of games on XBL/PSN compared to their physical counterparts? I was looking at the PS Store last night - Tomb Raider was $90. I can walk into EB right now and get it for $47.

              People have happily embraced digital distribution of music and PC games because they're significantly cheaper than physical media, and with good reason. What MS are trying to do here is shift towards digital distribution but keep pricing where it currently is and pocket the savings for themselves and the publishers. Essentially they're trying to have their cake and eat it.

              There is no benefit whatsoever for the consumer down the path they are trying to take us.

                Well, technically, we don't know the pricing yet.

                I"m not holding my breath, but I'm jhoping MS drops pricing. Having said that, Family sharing will take care of that angle for me anyway.

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