The Trash Talk During The Killer Instinct Reveal Was Awful

Trash talk never sounds good — the things you say in the heat of the moment don't make sense and cursing is unbecoming. So the awfulness when a Killer Instinct producer and an Xbox live community manager took the stage and trash talked isn't unsurprising, although having it be scripted trash talk takes the awkwardness to a whole other level.

That, and as game developer Jonathan Blow recently said on Twitter, "'Let's bring a woman on stage and joke about how she's bad at games, and say stuff like 'relax, just let it happen, it'll be over soon'??"

Kind of unreal.


    You turned off the camera a little early, because just after that she said do you know what a shark is and kicked his ass and the article on the american kotaku was updated clarifying that it wasn't scripted so why hasn't this one been updated yet?

      For something unscripted, that was some painfully stilted dialogue.

    Why does Patricia even have a job, is it because all the controversy she creates on the job generates views for Kotaku US?

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