This Mighty Ape PC Sale Is Mighty, But It Only Lasts For 10 More Hours

This is a good sale. Far Cry 3 for $16? Sleeping Dogs for $10? Mass Effect 3 for $13? If there's been a handful of games you've been meaning to pick up, but never got round to it, might as well have a quick search around Mighty Ape because, as I mentioned, this is a good sale — and it's pretty extensive!

Some other good deals? BioShock 2 for $7. Assassin's Creed 3 for $16. There are plenty of 2013 games in the sale as well for reasonable prices.

Man, I sound like one of those weird guys screaming from the 2 dollar shops, but step right up folks, these are good deals!


    You really, really think Blanka sucks, huh? if you want the real link :)

    Some great deals there, though Torchlight is listed for $8... has it for free.

    I found 2 games I wanted to buy and then searched my steam folder and I have them already...first world problems...

    Still hunting!

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    80% off 'the dig'! and grid 2 for $33 sold

    For that price, I might pick up Grid 2...

    $17 for Aliens Colonial Marines. That's how much they are paying us to take it from them right?

    I wouldn't recommend Grid 2 unless it's in the bargain bin. I've played it and it just doesn't have the same feel and enjoyment the first did.

    Some good prices, but, the Steam summer sale is coming up ...

      Steam Sales have broken my enthusiasm for all other gaming sales.

      They just don't compare

      Yeah. I'm pretty much always this guy:

      I like Steams sale because sites like Green Man Gaming usually beat the Steam sale prices by another 25%

    If you want Torchlight, don't get it on Mighty Ape, GoG has it FREE at the moment

    Omg Mark you are a bad influence and I'm now $76 bucks poorer.

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