This Week In Games: In The Company Of Heroes

During a conversation with my brother last night, he lamented the fact that no good games were coming out in the next couple of months. I agreed, but now that I look at it, there are some actual video games being released — and some of them are good! It came as a surprise to me!

Company of Heroes 2 (PC)

What is it? Arguably the biggest release this week. The sequel to one of the highest rated RTS games of all time. Should you care? If you are a fan of RTS or even just history, then yes. You should care.


What is it? It's a stealth action RPG about vampires. So yeah, if it had guns it would basically be ALL THE GENRES. Should you care? The premise, a vampire suffering from amnesia, is enough to put me off. But it might be a sleeper. I'd check reviews when and if they come out.

Deadpool (360/PS3)

What is it? It's a game about Deadpool, written by former comic writer Daniel Way, developed by the pretty good High Moon Studios. Should you care? I think if you're a fan of the character (and some aren't) you should definitely check it out. High Moon has slowly accumulated quite the rep for licensed games.

Game & Wario (Wii U)

What is it? Wait this is out this week. Whoa. Time flies I guess. Oh, and this is an inventive mini-game fest like the others. Should you care? Yes and no. Um, okay yes. I think it might be fun. Depends on whether you want to fork out the cash for a set of mini games.

Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within

What is it? It's a point and click adventure game sequel! Should you care? I love point and click. If you love point and click you might want to investigate.

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

What is it? A game about killing monsters. Loads of them. Both a remake and sequel to the original Painkiller. Should you care? I'm going to put my cards on the table and say no. Sorry. I don't care about this.

Ride to Hell: Retribution

What is it? It's that game that everyone thought was cancelled, but then it wasn't. Woohoo? Should you care? The premise, Vietnam vet returns has trouble fitting into society, sounds cool — but this game's troubled development has me a bit cynical.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise Limited Edition

What is it? More Sims. Who is still buying these things? Should you care? No.


    Deadpool is console only hm? I can't even find time to finish TLoU, looks like I will wait till it goes bargain bin

      You can buy it on steam but I have heard it is only 2 hours long

      Actually, Deadpool's available on Steam.
      I loved the Cybertron games, so hopefully this rocks too.

        I guess I shouldn't assume based on these articles, but Mark usually does a pretty accurate job.

    Ok this week there's more PC games? Did you see our discussion last week, Mark? =D

    According to EB DARK and Ride to hell are not out until July

    Ride to Hell and Deadpool are both out this week? Shiiiiit, they almost flew under my radar.

    I think I'm waiting for reviews on both. I want to like Ride to Hill, but I agree Mark, I think this one is going to have problems. I also think Deadpool runs the risk of just not working out as intended.

      I reeeeally wanted Ride to Hell to be awesome, but after seeing some in game footage that looks like early PS2 era graphics and physics I'm not that hopeful. Damn shame, could have been awesome.

    Be grabbing Deadpool for sure, might check out Jack Keane 2 as well, if I get it I'll have to get the first one too (I hate jumping into a series without playing the previous games). Probably have to wait another week or two for Painkiller, my Collector's Edition hasn't dispatched from ozgameshop yet.

      Kind of interested in Ride To Hell as well, but according to the EB website it's not out until the 4th of July.

    I read "The Sims 3: Island Paradise Limited Edition" as The Sims 3: Dead Island Paradise LE" now that's a sims game that I would play!

    After playing CoH2 beta, I was severely disappointed. Not a game that myself, nor my friends will be picking up, which is saddening, because we all loved the first. :(

    Last edited 24/06/13 11:10 am

      I loved the first, played a fair bit of the beta, and loved that too. Really excited for CoH2.

        Me too, I was skeptical at first thinking it was a bad remake of the first, but after playing the open beta, I decided this was a game I could drop some cash on! I also really enjoy watching the various casted games. Some great commentators out there.

      CoH1 took a long time to get to the polished state it is in now. CoH2 while still young has a lot of work to be done. My main issue with it is the damned UI, the whole thing is horrid. Other than that, gameplay is pretty cool, maps are great, just look forward to seeing what happens with it.

      What didn't you like about it? Felt like more of the same to me and I liked it, but only played a couple of hours...

        It was exactly the same when I played it, just different units. Germany is still OP as all get out with its tanks. 100% win rate as Germans, 100% loss rate as Russians. Same for all of my friends, even when fighting each other, 100% win rate for Germany. Not sure if it's been balanced, but it was horrendous during the closed beta.

        Barely any additional cool stuff either, just an addition of snow and cold, tanks work a little differently too. AI is still horribad, pathing is just euuuuugh *shudders*

      I heard it was a much the same as it's predecessor and am pretty excited.

      Cheapest I found was Ozgameshop if anyone is interested

    Shadowrun releases next month. Can. Not. Wait.

    Pumped for CoH2 as well.

    Whoa, Game & Wario? Wasn't expecting that to be a thing for a while.

    Seriously, I'd love to meet someone who still buys Sims games. Someone above the age of 13.

    Pre-Ordered Deadpool on Steam a few weeks ago because High Moon did a pretty solid job with their Transformers games and because, you know, Deadpool. Fingers crossed it's semi-decent but if not at $29.99, meh.

    Dark looks interesting... I can't help but think that they named the game something so generic so as to make reviews hard to search for... so I'll definitely be waiting for reviews.

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