This Week In Games: The Collector's Edition... Edition

I've decided to call This Week in Games the Collector's Edition Edition. No, that is not a typo! This week's edition just seems to have a fair amount of collector's/game of the year editions! Oh, and Remember Me? Remember that? Yep, that's actually out this week! Sneaky sneaky...

Gunpoint (PC)

What is it? It's actually not the generic shooter you'd expect a game called 'Gunpoint' to be! It's a stealth puzzler. Should you care? Early reports have this game pegged as a clever little puzzler with some properly unique mechanics. I'm keen to check it out.

Journey Collector's Edition (PS3)

What is it? Remember that collector's edition with that real swell book? We had no idea when it would be released in Australia but now, totally by surprise, here it is! Should you care? I usually hate special editions, but I'm really interested in that art book. I think I'm going to buy this. Also: it's one of the best games ever made.

Marvel Heroes (PC)

What is it? It's a free-to-play MMO. Should you care? I'm really not sure. It seems loaded with micro transactions and the like.

Minecraft (360)

What is it? I spotted this for sale in EB Games. Minecraft on the 360 is getting a retail release. Should you care? I suspect you have this already. Who doesn't already have Minecraft?

MotoGP 13 (360/PS3)

What is it? The best/only MotoGP sim. Should you care? I always found these games remarkably well made. It's not something I pay that much attention to. Last one I played was in 2008!

Remember Me (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? The latest new IP from Capcom. Mixes in free-running with a handful of other slick looking mechanics. Should you care? I think this is one you should look out for, but maybe wait for our review along with others. After a healthy amount of early hype, this game seems to have lost a bit of buzz and momentum.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's the mega-catch-all super edition of Skyrim. Should you care? I know a lot people who actually refuse to buy Bethesda games until the big mega edition is released. This is the one. This is the grandaddy. Yes, you should care. I loved Skyrim. I miss the world. Thinking about picking this up myself.


    Remember me has a fantastic concept. Quite unique in its storyline with a great futuristic backdrop and a gorgeous looking Hero-ine. I'm excited :)

      I'm not going to argue against the concept and backdrop, they're both amazing.
      But the game centres around a character waking up with no memories and searching for answers. It's not the newest storyline.
      It's basically setting itself up for some typical betrayal towards the end of the game.

        That is true, perhaps I am just a sucker for the future-noir setting like Deus Ex and Syndicate. I try to steer clear of reviews as it has since driven me away from a few 'gems'.

        Last edited 03/06/13 11:04 am

        There are no new storys though, only variations. :)

      Yeah - I was too, until I read the first reviews. There are only 4 memory remixes in the entire game and they are heavily scripted! Apparently the combat is pretty bland too, and although the city is awesome, there is no exploration. One review gave a generous 7 the others hover around 5 or 6. Very disappointed.

        As long as it plays like the remake of Oni that I suspect it of being (which also wasn't especially complex), I'll be happy. :)

        A score of 5-6 isn't bad. Its okay... and okay games are worth a shot to people who have the money at launch. Otherwise wait.

        But next week is the last of us... Unfortunately I will be at E3 and have to wait a week to play it :)/:(

          I think thats pretty much only true on Destructoid and Edge (who admittedly gave it around 5). Most mags gave it a 6, which based on comparison with other games they've reviewed would be pretty bad.

    I love Journey, definitely one of the best games ever made..

    So I'm looking for the Collectors edition + art book, and I can't find it anywhere. Are you sure the collectors edition comes with an art book? All I can find is this:

    Which is just a collection of TGC Games with a few extras, sans artbook. To me it looks like the art book is a separate purchase.... which I'll be grabbing anyway personally.

      Yes methinks serrals is imagining things. The CE is identical to the US version including the fact the book is an altogether seperate product. I've got the book. Tis nice but its also costs a couple times more than that $23 asking price for the game company collection.

    Remember me got a 5.9 on IGN so that will be a pass and I have heard it can be finished in a day

      Bucky! How you been, dood?

      Most games can be finished in a day, enough that its probably easier to list the few that can't

      Whoa... If payola game review site gives it a low score, it's probably worth playing then. While some sites have their respective thumbs on the pulse, IGN has theirs firmly planted up their ass. IGN has no clue. They'll spruik anything devs, publishers and advertisers pay them to.

    Might finally pick up Skyrim, in a future Steam sale. Explains why Morrowind & Oblivion were on sale this weekend.

    I don't have Mincraft :3

    By going retail, there's a chance I can get it cheaper!

    'I know a lot people who actually refuse to buy Bethesda games until the big mega edition is released.'
    I'm one of them :)

      Is anyone else holding off on buying the Mass Effect Trilogy until all of that DLC is included in a mega-edition? It's a loooong wait. :/

      Me too! *high five*

      But I'll probably hold off on this until I get through some other stuff. Need to find a big enough gap in my gaming schedule to be able to give Skyrim a good month or so without interruption :P

        Yeah i'm the same. I just started on the Fallout 3 GOTY, so it may be a while before i pick this up - it could be a TOTAL BARGAIN by then. ;D

      I was think about you and Ruffleberg when I wrote that.

        We think about you all the time.

      Same, seems to be the best way to do it :)

        Well the savings in cost alone is insane.

          But I need to play these games RIGHT NOW because there aren't enough entertainment options for me and I have absolutely nothing to play!

          Seriously though: Does anybody else get a kind of stupid "first-world-problems" depression from the thought of all the amazing games sitting in your pile of shame that you know you will never get a chance to play because amazing games are coming out at a rate faster than you can possible play them, even if you didn't have kids and a job?

          Last edited 03/06/13 1:19 pm

            Nope. Heh. Played most of mine, then again I don't buy much in the way of games.

    Thinking of getting in early for a GTA V Collectors edition. Massive fan of the series, but want to get a PC version. Friggin Rockstar and their staggered platform releases! Anyone know if the PC collectors is available for pre-order yet?

      Not sure if they will even do a Collector's Edition for PC. If you want to pick one up for 360 or PS3 you better get a move on, I pre-oredered mine on friday and they said it was the last one they had available.

    I haven't even gotten Dawnguard yet. I'm waiting on certain mods to accommodate it.

    1) Gunpoint: I strongly recommend people play the demo, if they haven't.
    Even if they've already pre-ordered. The demo has some unique dialogue in it at the end which is worth a good chuckle. It's also like... 30MB and 20min to play through. I can just about garauntee you have spent more time doing less worthwhile things.

    2) Marvel Heroes: Talk about a disappointment. It's a Diablo clone with little to recommend it. Did you ever play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance? It's kind of like a single-player version of that with random other single-player people running around occasionally screwing with your game, killing your mobs and looking like you. It's like Ultimate Alliance minus the story and voice-acting, with no inter-hero combos, team-creating bonuses, and a less-complex levelling system.
    Actually, just go play Ultimate Alliance again. It's pretty much better in every way.

      Re: Marvel heroes, i agree with pretty much everything you just said, but on the side of that:
      It has a lot of promise, the fact that playing as Thor or Hulk you actually feel like you are seriously OP is great.
      Playing as wolverine or deadpool you get epic regen that allows you to destroy anything in yoru way with little regard for your own safety.

      The random villian event battles leave a little to be desired,and the forced party group instances are a bit off.

      The writting that is there while limited is good, i found myself chuckeling fairly often at little jabs and digs at other characters as you pass them killing AIM or hydra soldiers. (my 2 favourite so far is, both deadpool, when walking past daredevel "hey watch were your going... ohh whoops" and every now and again after killing a mob he will sing teh Final fantasy victory tune)

      the microtransactions are bit extreme IMO tho, some characters are $20 each, and some of the more "famous" costumes are are about $15.

      but for a "FREE" diablo clone, that looks as good as D3 did, within the unlimtedness that is the Marvel universe, i'll give it a bit longer before i write it of.

        I am so undecided about this. I am a big marvel fan, but I do not want to waste my time if this is too "Kiddy"or just plain shit. Looks pretty promising, and for free, I guess it is worth a shot. I think it goes live to non paying members in a couple of days. Hmm, conflicting messages in my brain, I should just give it a go. I was like this with Planetside 2, but I am glad I gave it a go. Great game, especially for free.

          yeah cant hurt to give it a shot F2P, its not shit at all... but it is very repetitive its an ARPG so its click click click..., but the story is fairly interesting so far, and there are a lot of marvel jokes, as well as they are apparently aligning it with the current marvel universe at some point, to allow constant updates.

          The starting/free characters are a bit shit, its daredevil, storm, the thing, scarlet witch and hawkeye.
          DD is fairly good at later levels, and lots of people say hawkeye is fun, you can unlock all the starting characters as you play through the story, as well as the fact that apparently you can find "new hero tokens" to unlock other characters.

          Give it a shot before you write it off is all i can say, im enjoying it and im a massive Marvel fan

      Wow, you're so wrong it hurts.

      It's a diablo clone...from the guy who made D1 and 2? It's more faithful than D3 was. RE: Above, deadpool and wolverine get destroyed in endgame.

      Characters being expensive? That's a good thing. It encourages people to play the game and actually get them. You get two characters to start with, which is essentially two classes for nothing.

      It's much, much, much better than UA. I can't believe I even have to say this. Wow. Has voice acting. Has a better storyline (except UA2, because Civil War is godtier).

      How you consider three trees with multiple builds 'less-complex' I'll never know.

      Running around killing your mobs? They respawn constantly. I've never had the problem of not enough mobs in group areas, and event bosses are wicked cool with 30+ people, although lag's a problem.

      I can't believe I went to this much trouble to type this out, but almost every criticism you have is completely wrong, many being objectively wrong.

    "Who doesn’t already have Minecraft?"

    Me, now that you can get a boxed retail copy I'll definitely be picking it up.

    I'll be all over the Journey Collector's Edition too, absolutely loved Flower, haven't tried Flow or Journey yet, so just for those two games it's worth it, plus the soundtracks is just icing on the cake.

    Probably pick up the Skyrim: Legendary Edition too.

      Aww man, Journey.

      Make sure you're online and uninterrupted the first time you play.

    As soon as I saw Dragonborn was around $20 (and the other DLC) I just waited for this.
    Good show

    Was really looking forward to Remember Me, until I read the reactions in the comments here... Especially the mention of no exploration. How can you make a game in a setting that looks so interesting, and then refuse to let people explore it?

    Marvel Heroes is ultra-fun. Plays like Diablo 3 should have, and would have if they kept Brevik on (instead he made this). Would recommend giving it a go.

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