Three Weeks In Gaming Apps, In Case You Thought We Forgot

In the last exciting episode of The Week in Gaming Apps, the feature apologized for wanting to kill you. Afterwards it was so ashamed it hid for three weeks. Guess who gets to write-up 20 fresh mobile games?

Not The Week in Gaming apps, certainly. It's just an idea. A thought. A sometimes murderous thought.

No, it's all on me, and I'm fine with that. While we hit some of the more important beats over the past few weeks — XCOM on iOS, for instance — but with me running the entire site during E3 and all the damn vampires, I've had to dial it back a bit.

But it's back, and it's so big I have no time to finish this

What We Played Over The Past Three Weeks

CrazyRush Vol. 1 - Android, iOS - Free

This is a cute and colourful racing game that lets me be a pink bunny riding a carrot. That's pretty much all I need.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush - Android, iOS - Free

The cute little bastards from the movie now star in their own endless runner. Cute, if not too clever.

Fuz Rush - iOS - Free

Man, when you put three weeks together you start seeing trends. Here's another endless runner, though it's actually an endless platformer that will completely kick your arse. You probably aren't ready.

Gangstar Vegas - Android, iOS - $US6.99

I reflexively typed "free" at first, but this is not one of those games. This is the latest instalment of Gameloft's answer to Grand Theft Auto, and it's pretty damn spiffy.

Gloomy Hollow - iOS - $.99

This is a rootin', tootin' tale of the haunted Wild West. It's a Diablo-esque action RPG with a unique setting and a really great sense of style.

Monsters Invade: Oz - iOS - Free

It's Pokemon on speed, with a frantic hand-drawn style and a Wizard of Oz theme. Just as cool as I expected it would be.

Leaping Legend - iOS - Free

You know those games where you have to run up a corridor, jumping from side-to-side while dodging obstacles? This is that, with a cute pixelated style and tons to unlock.

Marbly - iOS - Free

The full name of this game is Alexey's Challenge: Marbly, the first in a series of intelligent puzzle games developed in conjunction with Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov. Very challenging, and only a portion of that is due to the fact that the game's theme REPEATS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Nitro - iOS - Free

How has there not been a mobile racer simply called Nitro before? Not the most advanced racer you'll find on iOS, but it's free and fun, which is good enough for me.

Pet Rescue Saga - Android, iOS - Free

From the creators of Candy Crush Saga comes another Facebook convert, with tons of block-matching puzzles that will keep you on the toilet long after the red ring has been imprinted on your arse.

Pinball Rocks - iOS - Free

An awfully clever way for Sony Music to showcase artists while distracting people with pinball. It's like being in the arcade and hearing that one song and forever associating it with the game you're playing, at least in theory. Band-dedicated versions can be purchased in-app. Interesting.

Pocket Mobsters - iOS - Free

It's like you're saying Pocket Monsters with a cold! This is a pixelated mob-themed RPG that's done quite well for itself in Japan. Recruit a mob, shake down the city — I'll be playing this a lot this weekend.

Puzzle Retreat - Android, iOS - Free

According to the iTunes and Google Play descriptions, we've already told you "'I guarantee you will love this game.' —". I do not remember this, nor can I find it, but I'm going to stand by it.

The Redneckoning - Android, iOS - Free

An alien shooting gallery notable for having the best name ever created.

SlideTapPop - Android, iOS - Free

An incredibly clever little puzzler that takes traditional block droppers and makes them all crazy. There might be beer involved.

Spiral: Episode 1 - iOS - $US4.99

This is a gorgeous Unreal Engine 3 action adventure game that I'd never heard of before it popped up on the App Store on Thursday. Very pretty, combat is a little wonky. Might want to hold for a full review early next week before making the plunge. Loving the style though.

Supreme Heroes - Android, iOS - Free

A mobile riff on the Superhero City Facebook game, this is a collectible card game with a difference. You create your hero, assign stats, and use cards to stack abilities and equipment. It's got a very healthy social component, regular PVP events — it's quite excellent, and I might only be saying that to justify playing it every day since it came out.

Treasure Tower Sprint - Android, iOS - $.99

I was expecting an endless runner, wound up with a rather cool isometric collecting puzzle, a little bit Crystal Castles, perhaps.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage - iPhone, iPad - $.99, $US2.99

Nitrome's award-winning Flash game is now out for iOS, and slicing off blocks of ice (among other things) has never felt so natural.

Zorbie - iOS - $US2.99

The Game Atelier keeps the spirit of the arcade alive with Zorbie, a unique game that involves tossing an axe into the air and making sure you're not there when it falls.


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