Chat With Borderlands 2 Developer Gearbox At ACMI On Saturday

You don't have to be at PAX this weekend to take advantage of the gaming maelstrom that's just descended on Melbourne. On Saturday, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image will be hosting a chat with Gearbox, the developers behind Borderlands 2, where it'll be talking about the "past, present and future" of the game.

The event isn't free, so you'll need to hit up the ACMI website and grab a ticket, which will set you back $20. This however includes a drink and the opportunity to mingle with the Gearbox guys, after they've said their piece (or pieces, as the case may be).

It all begins at 7pm at ACMI, though you'll want to rock up 15 minutes beforehand to get settled.

Not a bad opportunity to get up close and personal with the popular developer... though best not to mention Aliens: Colonial Marines, unless you're feeling courageous.

The Past, Present and Future of Borderlands 2 [ACMI]


    You tempt me gearbox..if only I wasn't babysitting.

    SIGH. It's in Melbourne... as well as PAX. So much disappoint. Would have loved to go!

    What an opportunity...
    to throw shoes, rotten vegetables & retail copies of Colonial Marines at Randy Pitchford!

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