Cube World Dev Talks DDoS Attack, Incoming Fix

Cube World's launch has been a rocky one — eager fans waiting to get their hands on the immensely charming voxel RPG likely haven't been able to buy the game yet, even though the developers have been trying to sell it for days now. At first, it seemed like it was just immense demand that was breaking the servers. In actuality, it's an intentional distributed denial of service attack, which disables the servers with high traffic.

"Initially we assumed the fault was on our side, like our download/updating system could be broken, so we closed the sale and improved our system," Wollay Funck, developer behind the game, told Kotaku."But it turned out that all these problems were the result of DoS attacks. It seems that someone is trying to systematically damage us and our business. The attacks usually occur during evening/night as soon as we open our store or user registrations. The attackers obviously want to prevent us from selling our game."

"Being just a small team (my wife and me), we didn't expect such things. We just tried to make our game available in its early state in the best possible way, which is on our homepage, where we can directly communicate with the community and provide patches and updates easily."

They're working their best to try to issue a fix, thankfully.

"Fortunately, we can sell the game outside of the attacks without problems, and, we're now extending our servers and team to handle the remaining issues. We don't have an ETA for this yet."

As of this writing, the game is still not available for anyone that wasn't lucky enough to be able to make an account on the (currently unavailable) website already.


    I didnt know this game was available already, now I do. I guess there's something positive to come out of this.

    why on earth would someone want to sink this particular game or company? I don't recall them pissing anybody off during development?

      Probably just some bored teenager looking for lolz. It doesn't occur to them that it will kill off a company and ruin people as a result (potentially at any rate).

    Been playing for the past 4 days, starting to feel a bit burned out with the current content, but still an absolutely excellent little game which is even better with friends! Hope they sort out the server crashing soon, disappointing when fighting a boss for it to just crap itself. :(

    Awh, that news has me bummed. How disappointed would they have been to go from undreamed-of sales potential to someone trying to ruin them? That sucks. I hope sales DO go staggeringly undreamed-of well and that whoever is being such an enormous tool meets an uncomfortable fate. Like the manifestation of irritable bowel syndrome or something.

    I have a pitchfork ready...let me know who done this and I'll jab them with it.

    Because they ripped off Minecraft obv.

      In what way did they 'Rip off Minecraft'? They're entirely different games, aside from the way the game is rendered using Voxels. Which a lot of other games use, look at Voxatron, same thing, did it rip off minecraft? No. Even the User interface for Cubeworld replicates the style of older Atari games, it has in no way come remotely close to that of Minecraft. You can't say, 'Oh well they took the levelling system', because in fact the levelling system has been in games for over a decade now.

      Don't let me point out it's not a game based around 'mining'. Because there is no necessity to mine anything, you're not obligated to do so in order to build something. You can do as you please.

      I'm sorry for the rant, but your comment was very silly, shallow, and ignorant. You're probably just a troll and maybe I'm wasting my time, but at least I remotely defined why it's not 'Minecraft'.

      Last edited 09/07/13 1:11 pm

        pretty sure the dude was being sarcastic...

          I sincerely hope so. But I don't wish to retract what I said :)

      You might want to do a google image search on "infiniminer" and have a good think about what those images say about the originality of minecraft.

      Also, I heard Notch offered Wollay (the Cube World guy) a job a while back, so I assume he isn't too angry.

    Been playing it over the weekend. Has been a lot of fun. Really wish the tools behind the dos get named and shamed.

    Not being sarcasmic.
    Random scene shots from both games look similar.

    Why has noone raised the question of corporate sabotage? Yes, it could be some random asshole, but who's to say it isn't coming from Mojang in an attempt to kill off the 'competition'?

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