Political Polls Have Never Been This Interactive

In the leadup to the next election, however long that will take, we'll undoubtedly have to sit through lots of jibber-jabbering about the carbon tax, and mining, stopping the boats, and bla, bla, bla. A new app on iOS and Android lets you do what you always wanted to - engage in "physical heckling".

Throw shoes, globes, and other things at the party leaders and watch their heads snap back. Neither seem to be as good at dodging bulky objects as they are at dodging Leigh Sales' questions - and certainly not as good as George W. Bush. Of course they'll never capitulate to your catapulting, but you might find it satisfying nonetheless.

You still can't hit the face of the faceless men, but you can give the boys wearing blue ties a walloping. Julia wanders around, too. Whatever your preference (The Libs, ALP, or neither), the app will track who you snap and aggregate the results into a nation-wide poll.

The app comes from Melbourne-based developer Andrew Hill of Mesmer Mobile. Check it out here for iOS and here for Android.

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    I'm kind of new to Australia so the politics confuse me. But from what I have seen, its just some giant game of battleship right? Everybody is talking about boats and who can sink the most.

      It's because of the billions of brown people who come and steal our jobs and wimmin. Our leaders are in a race to the bottom to protect us from these slavering hordes of terrorists.

    Good work Andrew, you either have some great work ethic or knew something everyone else didn't to get Ruddy in there so quick

      Thanks :)
      It was straight back to work after the results of the leadership challenge came through. Fortunately, I already had a man with a blue tie to use as a base!

      Last edited 26/07/13 4:34 pm

    I wonder why this or Kill Bieber games are okay, but the Anita game wasn't.

    Not trolling, but interesting.

    I would never throw anything at Mr. Abbott. I'll happily slap Rudd across his virtual face though.
    Bye bye Labor. See you in 10 years.

      "I would never throw anything at Mr. Abbott. I'll happily slap Rudd across his virtual face though.
      Bye bye Labor. See you in 1000000000000000 years."


    Rudd only gives a fuck about Rudd. This government needs a good long time in opposition because they won't learn otherwise. Personally, I hope the UN passes Rudd by, but history has shown that they'll let any clown in there.

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