Space Hulk Available For Pre-Order On Steam, Co-Op Pushed To Future 'Free Update'

Earlier this year I sat down to a co-operative game — of the board-kind — of Space Hulk. Sufficed to say, I was jumped by the difficulty and slaughtered by genestealers in short order. Since then, I've been looking forward to trying out the multiplayer in the upcoming PC translation, which can now be pre-ordered on Steam, though it appears I'll have to wait an indeterminate time to recreate my punishing, real-world experience.

According to a developer FAQ on the game's forum on Steam, the planned co-operative multiplayer won't be part of the title on release. Instead, it will be added to "brand new designed levels" and pushed out as a "free update". The only time frame provided, unfortunately, is "later".

That said, the game will have head-to-head MP if that's your thing and I'm sure for a lot of people, it is... but not for me. So while the game can be pre-ordered now, I think I'll wait to see how the co-op pans out (if at all, offers cynical me).

A cool feature is the cross-platform multiplayer (the game is being released on Windows, Mac and iPad) and I like that flexibility. It's turn-based, so being on a touch-based device isn't going to be a disadvantage. I'd still like to see how it plays first, though.

Space Hulk [Steam, via Blue's News]


    Awesome, I can't wait to give this a shot.

    Looks pretty good, has some great potential. I don't like the quick in-game scene when the gun jams, I think that's a bit jarring and should just have an audio and icon cue. Can't wait to see more game-play when the mechanics are polished up. To save some people searching, here's a link to GDC footage -

      Well, those Genestealers are quite powerful at close range. They do have 4 to 5 attack
      dice in 40k. They'll rip your face off man. .. I'm such a nerd. lol

      Anyway yes I am definitely getting Space Hulk! Good to relive the times spent
      on the original board game. Hope they will include a level editor, because that was
      the fun of the board game: Creating your own levels and missions.

    Was really looking forward to it until I heard how punishingly hard it is going to be

      You've obviously never played the board game. You fail more often than you succeed as Terminators.

        I do play warhammer but this is a video game with AI and progression and a ending not two people playing for real

          Space Hulk isn't the same game as Warhammer 40K.

            yeah I know i just want to be able to finish it, also I play more fantasy than 40K

              the original space hulk computer game was insanly hard too. im glad they made it difficult because all the fluff on genestealers and spacehulks is everbody dies. thats why they send in terminators in instead of normal marines cause they are the only ones who even stand a chance.
              these are the same guys who made frontline tactics and i loved that game so can wait for this.

    The only thing that could excite me more is if they included the original Space Hulk FPS as an Easter Egg.

    I remember playing an earlier incarnation of this on the Amiga.
    It was a massacre.

    20 years on, I may have the bravery to attempt it again. this brings back memories. I'll be giving it a crack!

    Hope this version of Space Hulk comes with a 10-20 minute intro video, just like in Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels

    Still have the board game floating around as soon as i saw it on steam had to have it

    Saw this and it did pique my interest, I also played the table-top game in my younger years.. and I vaguely remember playing the computer game, in the 90's perhaps.. though I've been burned enough times by similar things that I've learned to wait till it's out..

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