Street Fighter IV Getting Five More Characters, One Never Seen Before

Street Fighter IV Getting Five More Characters, One Never Seen Before
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From EVO 2013 comes news that Street Fighter IV‘s next update will deliver four new characters — and a fifth never before seen in the series.

Roberto, Elena, Hugo and Poison will join the roster, plus an unannounced fifth fighter. The characters, plus six stages and the usual complement of adjustments and balances, will come to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for $US15. This package will not release until early next year.

Rod Breslau of GameSpot first reported the new characters via Twitter, adding that Capcom will announce the name of the update and show a new trailer before the EVO finals tomorrow. (The update will not be called Street Fighter Arcade Edition V. 2013.)

[via Shoryuken]


    • Given Capcom appears on Nintendo every now and then, I think they’re slowly trying to trump Nintendo at some point…

    • Please explain how Capcom squeezes less money out of franchises than Nintendo when Capcom has used DLC fo longer and most of that has been of a lesser quality to Nintendo’s.

        • That’s a very stupid argument, and should only be applied to Mario.
          There’s 15 Zelda games not including remakes and spin-offs, and there’s about 10 Metroid games, both over their 27 year-old franchises. That’s not all that many, and just about all of them have held a very high level of quality.

    • Mate, we’ve all been waiting for this for years. There’s no SF4 fan who’s not pumped for this.

      it’s about damn time I say!

      And my character, Ken is getting big buffs so I’m happy AS.

      • Street Fighter 4 as a series has never really grabbed me as a series the way games like the Alpha series and SF3 did (god I loves me some 3rd Strike). I’m loathe to use this term, and I think it’s a bit harsher than what I actually mean, but it always felt a bit clunky when it came to the flow and movement of combat when compared to other Street Fighter games.

        That being said, I’ve picked up every update to SF4 so far, and I’ve enjoyed them enough to warrant the price. But I won’t be picking up this. While some of the character tweaks interest me (faster Ken!), I can’t support Capcom’s blatant laziness and recycling of assets from Street Fighter X Tekken (not only are 4 of the 5 characters ripped straight from SFxT, rather than even slightly taking into account the SF character poll they did prior, but the stages are ripped directly from SFxT as well).

        • I like SF3 but I’ve only played it in retrospect. SF4 is what got me back into fighters, I hadn’t played one since SF2 on the SNES so I love it. Love it. Love it. It’s a great game.

          Sucks that they’re recycling so heavily. One of the things I didn’t like about SFxT was the cartoony stages and visuals, so… yeah… always something to be disappointed about with capcom.

          Still totally buying this though. They’re buffing Oni too! Sah-weeeeeet!

  • I didn’t realize this game was still being supported. Honestly it’s probably the best fighting game capcom have at the moment, mvc and vs are okay games but they aren’t nearly as balanced.

  • So pumped for this! This is great news. I haven’t liked any of the recent fighting games as much as SF4.

    But I do like KOFXIII. That’s a damn pretty and fun 2d fighting game.

  • 5 more characters that no one will play as everyone plays Ken and hadouken spams…..

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