Ultra Street Fighter IV Will Be Out In 2014

The update to Street Fighter IV that spilled out yesterday now has a name: it's going to be sold as Ultra Street Fighter IV, a pack that adds five new fighters to the game, along with a range of tweaks.

Four the five fighters have been announced. They're Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena. You can find the details of the tweaks to existing characters here.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is the name given to a complete retail bundle including the main game and this new DLC. It'll cost US$40. If you've already got Super Street Fighter IV, the new stuff will be available separately as DLC for US$15.

From a splash screen grabbed by SRK, looks like it'll be available for at least the 360, PS3 and PC. [Video: Capcom Fighters TV]


    So much for Super Street Fighter IV being the last in the SF4 series. Since then we've had Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012, Street Fighter IV HD, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, and now Ultra Street Fighter IV.

      At least you can rely on Capcom for this.

        Yeah, Capcom do love their incremental updates. Not at all surprising really.

    Don't you hate it when companies listen to you're outcry for more and continue delivering. Capcom you;re such an asshole for giving us what we asked for!!?!?!!!?!?!

    $US15 will probably turn out to be $AUD21.95. For that price it would have been nice if this added a world tour mode a la Street Fighter Alpha 3, plus a few other offline game modes.

      I was pretty much against buying this, but I'd actually buy the hell out of Ultra SFIV if it had a Alpha-esque World Tour mode.

    Reminds me of the 16bit era Streetfighter games, and not in the good way.

    I only have this on 3DS....and I'm guessing there won't be any update for that version... It's pretty good on 3DS though...

    I dont mind it. The game is still king of the fighting genre in terms of participation and hype (though Im loving the attention KOF13 is getting, well deserved.) Plus by the time of release it will be over 2 years between updates, and its being driven by fan demand.

    At this point we are essentially where we were at in the 90's, but as much as i like to make fun of Capcom, i really didnt mind it then, and im ok with this now. Anything to get the bad taste of SFXT out of my mouth.

    I haven't bought any of the previous versions, so this is probably the best option for me.

    World Tour mode. I swear I would buy every single game that had World Tour mode.

    I'm liking the mix of Alpha and 3 characters. Poison is an odd decision but I'm down. Who is the last one then? Please be Sodom. I want Sodom. Where is he? What have you done with him? Why can't I be him?

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