The Evolution Of Wolverine, From 1974 To Today

Wolverine. Logan. The sexiest X-Man. His claws are legend. He rides a motorcycle. And he's oh-so fashionable.

From his first 1974 appearance to today, Wolverine has gone through a ton of visual overhauls.'s Kate Willaert has created a single infographic to unite all of Logan's looks:

What's your favourite look? Are any missing?

(Via Geekologie)


    For me the Classic Yellow II costume is the one that I mostly identify (and perhaps more iconic) of Wolverine...

      Yeah, but it looks shit in comparison to the 2000 Movie and 2001 New Black Leather. Besides, I can't see Wolverine, the character, agreeing to wear something that... yellow. I just can't. I can't see it happening unless he was color blind

    Let's face it guys, people from the last century just didn't know how to make characters not shit

    Can't unsee his mask being 2 Batmans facing each other.

    2000 is my favorite

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