The American StarCraft II WCS Finals, Summed Up In 7 Minutes Of Drama

Gotta love these dramatic edits by Blizzard, covering the events of the Season 2 of the StarCraft II World Championship series. They managed to put together a video as intense as humanly possible.

Terran player Polt was crowned as the champion with a dominant 4-0 victory against the legend and Mutalisk king Jaedong. Definitely worth it for the champagne! And only American, Zerg player Scarlett, was able to compete against them in this stage of the tournament.

Polt vs Jaedong - WCS America Season 2 Finals [YouTube]


    Scarlett is Canadian.

      ...and Canada is in North America. :)

        1) I highly doubt Kotaku US really cares. And I'm pretty sure what they meant.
        2) Try insisting the next Canadian you meet is really an 'American.'

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