This Is How You Hijack A League Of Legends Tournament

This Is How You Hijack A League Of Legends Tournament

This must be one of the funniest e-Sports stream hijacks I’ve seen so far. During a League of Legends event at this year’s Gamescom, someone in a classic creepy horse mask continuously kept distracting viewers from the commentators. So good.

There’s more. He was all over the place during Gamescom.

Of course, this is not the first time that commentators or spectators went nuts at a big event such as Gamescom. It happens a lot, like in the case below at a Major League Gaming tournament.

And this is how you hijack any StarCraft II tournament. You can fake an earthquake, dance or just act like the coolest person alive.

All StarCraft GIFs above courtesy of sc2gifs

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  • Oh man I remember watching the gamescom stream when that was happening, the chat went mental. Was also pretty funny watching the pax stream this morning and seeing the people sitting behind the commentators just state into the camera with wide eyes, open mouth and giving a thumbs up, funny stuff.

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