What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The best two days of the week are coming up, and this is where we go to talk about how we'll be spending them. What will you be getting into?

I have a wedding tomorrow (not mine), so I only have Sunday to start up my new OUYA while nursing my poor, pounding cranium. I really want to get stuck into the damn thing, but I also really want to check out some of the games that've been talked about on the GAP podcast. Mr. Luke Lawrie has been recommending Rogue Legacy non-stop, and I've bought it alongside Mercenary Kings...

But one of the things I'm reminded of whenever filling in for Mr. Serrels is there there's not actually a lot of time to play games in this job. I'm sitting on a demo for Chess 2: The Sequel as well, a timed OUYA exclusive, and designed by one of my favourite game makers, David Sirlin. Another one I haven't had time for.

Really the only game I've played in the last week is Neptune's Pride 2, because that allows me to make a few decisions and get on with things. But all that'll change this weekend.

Want to know my little secret? I'm not drinking at all at the wedding. I'll be as sober as a priest on Sunday. Wait, does that analogy work? Priests drink wine on Sunday, so...

Nevermind that. The point is I'll be telling everyone Sunday is "recovery day". Now if you'd all be so kind as to not tell my family...

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    Flying interstate for the weekend, so maybe some MH3U time on the 3DS on the plane, but that's about it.

    After a particularly terrible run in Dota 2 and playing an ARAM at PAX, I've got back into League of Legends.

    Well, slightly.

    There's a good chance that I'll be playing Dota 2 and LoL over this weekend but mainly I'll be watching The International, playing BOARD GAMES and maybe finding some time for Dark Souls.

    What that really means is that I'll watch The International and play BOARD GAMES.

      Which board games are on the agenda this weekend? I just bought Ticket to Ride: Heart of Africa, it looks like a very competitive expansion!

        Sorry to tell you this but the best thing about the Africa board is the excuse to sing Toto.

        The layout of the board groups colours too closely, making it very luck dependent and if multiple people are competing over similar areas, it can go very wrong.

        Hope it goes better for you than me.

        I'll definitely be playing Hanabi and 7 Wonders. Those two are in constant rotation with my group.

        We probably have enough people coming over tomorrow for two separate games to be run at once. Probably means we'll bust out Galaxy Trucker, Ticket to Ride, Ladies and Gentlemen, Takenoko and Smash Up. Maybe some Elder Sign if someone brings a copy.

          Man that sounds awesome, I thought I was a badass having board game days with my family haha. Shame to hear that about Africa, it was only $20 so hopefully we'll at least have a few laughs. Galaxy Trucker and 7 Wonders are on my to buy list, I think 7 Wonders is on top of the BGG charts right now.

            We have weekly board game get togethers at my apartment. It's pretty rad.

            Get 7 Wonders. It is hands down my favourite game. Simultaneous play means that there is very little downtime waiting on others. The different routes to scoring and limited card pool give you interesting decisions to make almost every hand and you rarely feel locked into a certain path because it's clearly the best.

            Well balanced. Good pacing. Meaningful decisions. Solid and interesting mechanics. There are a lot of reasons why it is ranked highly on BGG.

            Oh and it scales very well between 3-7 players.

              Sounds great, any game with little to no down time is perfect in my books. I'll be sure to buy it next, thanks!

      I just bought Love Letter, Masques, The Village and Letters from Whitechapel from Games Paradise. Fingers crossed they arrive in the mail today so I can play them over the weekend.

      Other than that, maybe more Cloudberry Kingdom and some Persona 4 Golden on the Vita.

        Let me know how Letters from Whitechapel goes. I've heard mention of it but haven't looked too deeply into it.

    Don't know! I'm part way through Max Payne 3, Pikmin 3 and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. So any of them could get a run.

    But I also spent time on Dark Souls over the past week. Finally got past the gargoyles then beat the Capra Demon shortly after. Pretty sure I've got this game licked now.

    Ah, who am I kidding. I'll probably just end up wasting the weekend in Animal Crossing . Turnips go on sale on Sunday!

      You should rush to Moonlight Butterfly and kill it. If I could do it, anyone can.

    Mainly Rift with some DotA/HoN/LoL on the side.

      You need to pick one, how can you support Dota, Hon and lol?....
      HON is for the true pc master race. It's full of arseholes though I will admit.

        I play all 3, they're all pretty cool. I spend money in all 3 too. They're different, I like Sven/Monkey-king/Diana so I jump from game to game depending what urge hits me.

    I bought the deep silver humble bundle, so probably those games

    Im hoping to make some progress in Catherine, and outside of that I'll probably play some Fightans or some Chivalry with @PuppyLicks tonight over a beer.

    Crackdown! It's free ATM. I've almost finished No 2 but I've never played the first so it will be interesting to compare.

    Also I got one of those dongles that let you use a 360 controller on your PC so this weekend will feature both TF2 and Battlefront 2 (which I bought in the Steam Sale)

    Finally I have been tryingy hand at Max Payne 3's multiplayer.

    Just recently got back into SC2, so lots of practice until I'm comfortable enough to play ranked.

      The latest patch has made it tempting to go back.

      Colour blind mode is a godsend and I'm not even colour blind. Well, maybe a little. Enough that it helps.

    I'll be continuing Atelier Ayesha and Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya. I've also been watching Vageta311's BitterBlack Isle runs and have come to the conclusion I need to finally get started on Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. I'll also be checking out Cloudberry Kingdom and Guacemelee.

    Cubeworld & then some more Cubeworld and possibly Cubeworld after that.

    Will be finishing off Dust: An Elysian Tale with the Fiance then likely moving onto Tomb Raider. Dust has been a pretty enjoyable romp thus far - though our quest for completionism has resulted in numerous trips back to old areas for that 100% status.

    I'm quite digging state of decay.. so will sink some time into killing zombies.

    Going to start playing Resident Evil 2, 2nd Gameplay with Claire this weekend... exciting...

    Imma finish Gemini Rue then hit Stacking and Kentucky Route Zero.

      This is why I like you, Mike. Also cause you're a cool guy, but mostly the adventure games.

        :D \o

        Really digging Gemini Rue. One day I hope someone makes a cyberpunk adventure/RPG hybrid. Like Deus Ex but in an isometric 3rd person perspective.

        Just finished Gemini Rue. It was awesome! Loved the themes. Including the whole bit about how we're just a collection of our experiences and memories. Oh and how the director spoke about universal determinism.

        I have a sneaky suspicion that Joshua Nuernberger is on the same wavelength as I am from a philosophical perspective.

    My list of in-progress titles is so long I may have to have a weekend break before I burn out.

    ...but that's never going to happen. My Pikmin will be sad without me.

    On PS3... Everybody's Golf

    Though Vita is likely to be where the action will be. Haven't had the chance to try the Killzone Mercenary Beta just yet, but will hope to give that a good shake this weekend, heard really good things.

    Otherwise, will continue with LEGO Lord Of The Rings (thanks PS+) and then return back to Stealth Inc/Bastard and/or Miami Hotline.

    Been plowing through Gravity Rush during the week, so I might keep going with it.
    Also, Rise of the Triad.

    I ordered a new PC and sold my old one to my brother, but the new one won't be here 'til at least Monday! So I guess just the usual daily Animal Crossing and maybe I can finally finish Ocarina of Time 3DS.

    I'll be playing 'Let's upgrade the firmware on multiple routers at the bank!'
    Fun for the whole family.

    Definitely going to be playing more of Shadowrun Returns. I'm not sure how far I am through the campaign but the last battle I had in the game was quite challenging and things are starting to get quite good.

    Also want to sink a few more hours into CubeWorld, which has really surprised me with its level of detail in terms of gameplay.

      Is shadowrun any good? I used to play the pen & paper RPG.

        I like it.... because I enjoy the table-top game from before.. I also like the turn-based style battles.. The story is pretty straight-forward really and everything is really a setup for the modding community rather than being awesome in and of itself.

        Very linear structure to the way the game is played. You start in one area, then when you finish that section you are effectively ushered on to the next area with no way to go left, right or back to the previous area. Very linear... but so is the story.. so it is ok for me. Another complaint people have is the interface, according to them, is setup like a touch-screen interface with no hotkeys or shortcuts.. everything needs to be clicked etc.. for me, I don't have a problem with this.. it feels more like an isometric point-and-click adventure with turn-based combat... if it were a real-time combat game, I would definitely have a problem with the UI.. but as it is not, I don't have a problem with it. I suggest you read some of the metacritic reviews, good and bad.. and see for yourself.

        However yes, the one thing that rings true is that it is not the release content that people are waiting for, it is the community created content that is going to make this title shine.

          Thanks. Sounds very interesting. Think I may have to purchase :-)

            Yeh.. essentially it plays like a table-top campaign might.. the GM steers you in the direction you need to go and makes it clear there's no point going off mission etc

    Hopefully finish Sleeping Dogs, which has been suprisingly awesome. Then I'm playing PhD Confirmation!

      I wish Sleeping Dogs was more well known, such a great game!

    Well I won't be reading any of Joab's articles this weekend [only becasue he has gone to backstab Dan Hindes ;) ]...however I will be playing Misery Mod 2.0 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R which only got released yesterday!

    Picked up Syndicate (2012) for PC this week, will likely slog that out, more mandatory BF3, as always. Also finishing this quick run of Pokemon White because I need a second Zekrom after stupidly missing the chance to catch a second one in Black 2 to fuse a Black Kyurem. If time allows, I'll also check out the new Misery 2.0 mod for Call of Pripyat proper.

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