EB Games At Broadway Moving, Get 20% Off

Sydneysiders who are close to town take note: EB games just outside Broadway shopping centre is moving into the shopping centre, and it's offering 20% off at the grand opening of the new store.

For those who are local to the EB Games currently located in Bay Street at Ultimo, it's moving inside the Broadway Shopping Centre. It'll have a grand opening on Tuesday September 3, with 20% off everything except hardware and vouchers. You can score the discount vouchers if you drop into EB Games Broadway this weekend - the store is open 10am-4pm today.

The new store will be located on level 2 of Broadway shopping centre, next to the cinemas.


    "with 20% off everything except hardware and vouchers. You can score the discount vouchers"


      Vouchers for the discount at the new store. You can't use the vouchers to buy vouchers. Sorry for being unclear!

    This article seems to be an ad for EB Games.

      Or it could be trying to help some people get a bargain.

        Or more like they are inline with everyone else's prices

        Bargain? From EB games? lol

    WOW 20% off EB Games prices! Now the prices are actually competitive with all the other games retailers..... for ONE day.... zzzz

      You do realise they price match meaning their prices are competitive as opposed to advertsing it a couple of dollars above cost and just giving margin away? That's called smart business. And who are "all the other games retailers"? As far as I knew there was only JB. Big W has a selective range these days and even less at Kmart and Target. Good to see a retailer actually still having a go rather than closing up shop.

    Dropped into the old store this morning. They had a few PS2 games and the Disney Infinity stuff out - just about everything else was packed - or being packed ready for Tuesday.

    Staff were really excited too - "yeah go upstairs and check it out - you can see how it's all going to look." - Good to see the staff excited - god knows games retailers haven't had much to be excited about - but really - i'm just looking for a bargain.

    20% off. Wow!! That brings them in line with JB hifi's prices....

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