And Australia’s Most Expensive FPS Is… Far Cry 2!

And Australia’s Most Expensive FPS Is… Far Cry 2!

Okay, not really. This looks like your run-of-the-mill pricing error, rather than an attempt by Ubisoft to suck our wallets dry. It makes me wonder though… ten years ago I would have laughed at the idea of $100+ games. I hate to think they could hit the $150 or even $200 mark a decade from now. Of course, I’m excluding titles such as Rock Band and Wii Fit that come with peripherals that beef up the cost.

If you’d like to see this craziness for yourself, reader Dranser spotted it at the Broadway EB Games in Sydney.


  • Yeah it’s an EB thing. When the price has not been announced or decided upon, it comes up as $199 in the inventory. You’re just not supposed to print out the stickers to scare the customers 😛

  • “ten years ago I would have laughed at the idea of $100+ games. I hate to think they could hit the $150 or even $200 mark a decade from now.”

    Logan, you obviously didn’t have a SNES in its day – or at least weren’t into Street Fighter II… It was ’92/’93, and the RRP in Australia for the cart was $149. IIRC the MegaDrive version wasn’t much cheaper.

    With the discount wars on big new releases nowadays we’ve never had it better as consumers. Damned glad I’m not in games retail anymore though…


  • Yeah I’ve seen this in two EB games so far, and on some other ‘coming soon’ titles as well – though it had been scribbled over with black texta.

    AU prices are ridiculous. God bless Steam

  • I’d still be happy to pay $199 for FarCry Predator Survival Instincts Rebooted Redux Episode 1 Season 1 Directors Cut!

    Not to go on an EB bashing rampage, but I tend to see more ‘Coming Soon’ titles in their stores than actual games for sale.

  • what a charming country we live in, overpriced, censored and the people in charge have no answers for anything. Thank the lord for internet shopping, I’m never buying at EB again, plus twice I’ve had EB refuse to match prices for items that were in stock and cheaper elsewhere, first time I was told I was lying then when I came back with the receipt I was asked to leave, second time I was told Big W underprices stuff so no….Even so even big W can be overpriced, australia is overpriced with everything and why? We’re just a 21 million poped sht kicker country with huge space and resources, so why is everything so god damn rare?

  • $100 has never been that unusual in Australian game pricing, even 10 years ago. I remember paying $100 for Yoshi’s Island on SNES back in the day, and it wasn’t the only game around that price range. Conker’s Bad Fur Day on N64 was $120 when it launched. Well, it was at Target, anyway.

    We’ve always been horribly ripped-off.

  • This is old news, EB did the same with Assassins creed. Their reasoning
    “We don’t have a solid price at the moment, so better safe than sorry”
    Good blokes.

  • Games in Australia are so expensive compared to other countries. On my Eurotrip last month I noticed this, and also when i was in Malaysia last year. In the US, the average price for games is $60USD, whereas here it anywhere from an average of $80-$90 at places such as Big W and JBHifi, and an average of $110 at EB or Game. With the AUD-USD conversion rate something like 95US cents to one Australian dollar these days, I want to know why we pay so much more, and in some cases nearly double, for the same products?

  • When EB games don’t have a price tag they use 199.95 as a generic price. Closer to the date they will put their then provided pricing on the packaging.

  • I had a picture of a similar pricing error from last year when EB Melbourne Central had a $199 sticker on a display box for Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

    Was a good laugh for about 3 seconds.

  • Guys listen to Allie – it’s an EB thing. I used to work there for about 3 years. $199 is the price in the system for all games that have no confirmed RRP yet.

    As for expensive games, I remember back when Mortal Kombat 1 came out on Mega Drive, my local MR Toys was selling it for $149 at the time. There was also that VR racing game for mega drive which was even dearer. Most 3rd party N64 games were $129.95 at release.

  • who buys from EB anyway? useless store, and always rediculously over priced. Imports are so much more friendlier to ur wallet.

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